Total Security for Large Properties Has Many Dimensions


21st century security for large housing developments and business parks has unique challenges.

Security systems are a multi-billion-dollar industry in America. Whether they are needed or not, the fact is that people are investing in the security of their businesses and residences at an exponential rate. This demand has led to new and innovative systems becoming available every day. Some are fine for single homes, while others are better suited for larger properties. There is a big difference in securing a single-family dwelling and securing multiple homes. There are also major differences when it comes to implementing security for businesses.

This article will focus on the kind of security larger properties might need. Not just for single homes, but entire gated communities and other kinds of HOA run properties, along with large apartment blocks and condominiums. This grouping also includes large business campuses. The companies that manage these large spaces have unique challenges that require unique solutions.

Your single-family home will likely be safe with an industry standard security system. It’ll have doorbell cameras, motion sensor lights, and a keypad all linked up to an off-site support center. These are great systems, but they won’t have things like a license plate recognition or entrance gate card access security system. These features aren’t needed by your average American single-family homeowner. The main differences are the sizes of the properties and the amount of people who are coming in and out of them.

Something like an automatic license plate recognition system could be needed by an HOA, condo association, or business park. Companies that run these kinds of security systems are on the cutting edge of the security industry. There are many components that are integral for operating a first-rate security system. The best companies in the field have found ways to not only seamlessly integrate these components, but also do it efficiently with minimal mistakes. The companies at the forefront of this type of security take the physical tools of the trade and power them with enterprise software and cloud technologies. Using the newest and best hardware synced up with advanced AI-driven software is what all the best properties are doing.

The hardware involved in these systems is advancing at a rapid rate. We’ve already mentioned two of the most important pieces of a comprehensive, large-scale security system. An entrance gate card access security system has long been associated with workplaces in the United States. Now versions of this hardware are keeping people safe at home. You see them everywhere now: apartment buildings, condos, student residences, and HOA communities. They are perfect for properties that cover a large amount of space and require controlled access. These systems provide piece of mind by controlling who can enter the building, campus or residential park. The latest systems can even be programmed to say when people are allowed in and where in the building or complex they are authorized to go.

License plate reading systems have gotten a lot of press lately because of their effectiveness in catching criminals. In fact, an automatic license plate recognition system has shown to be an effective deterrent for those thinking about breaking the law. They have become crucial pieces in the best security systems around the world. They aren’t only deterrents though; they make it easy for HOAs and businesses to keep track of who is going in and out. Another practical application is helping individuals pay for services like parking more easily. Both pieces of hardware are even more effective when they are hooked up to an integrated security system. The software and AI-enhanced cloud computing that runs these systems effectively supercharges their capabilities. They keep undesirable people out and make life easier and safer for the people who live and work in these properties.

These integrated security systems are only going to become more prevalent in our lives. And as they get put into more and more properties, they are becoming more advanced. The most advanced systems allow for administrators to deliver credentials directly to people through a smartphone app. One of the main selling points of these systems has been the elimination of keys. Well, how about the elimination of touch cards and key fobs as well? Through an app and a QR code reader, you could decide who gets into your apartment building or business in real time. Through the implementation of AI software, these security systems are only going to get more rigorous. And thanks to continued innovation, they are also going to be less expensive. As the world gets more uncertain, real estate developers, property managers, and HOA boards everywhere are going to continue to count on these next level security services to provide residents and employees with peace of mind.


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