Top Reasons to Invest in Park View City


Here are Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Park View City:

Good Location:

The best thing about the luxury housing business is Top Reasons to Invest in Park View City location. On Malot Road, which is 15 minutes by car from the Kashmir Highway, is where Park View Cities is (taking Serena Hotel as a reference point).

The Kashmir highway and the Islamabad Expressway are just 15 to 20 minutes away by car, and the main street of the business is 200 feet away from the Murree road. Even though it’s only 20–25 minutes from Blue World City, it’s a great place for business and living for everyone who lives there.

Park View City Islamabad is surrounded by the beautiful Bani Gala hills and mountains, and the city centre is close enough to civilization to be easy to get to.

Near the city centre, where the beautiful scenery is quiet, is a great place to build a house.

Business Center with a Grand Entrance:

The main road of the Park View City housing company is 200 feet deep. From Islamabad Avenue to Jinnah Park Lane, Top Reasons to Invest in Park View City is about 90 to 100 metres wide.

With the help of a wide access road, it is easier and faster to get to and from the business district. It also helps you travel easily and comfortably and enjoy the quiet of your luxurious home community.

Next to the entrance is the industrial area, and you should invest in Park View City. In commercial areas, people who live there work in manufacturing and retail, which is good for society and adds to its worth.

The truth is that the business site is right at the entrance, making it easy for nearby businesses like Bahria Enclave and Park Enclave to get to.

Quick Growth and Ownership of Plots:

In Park View City, building projects move along quickly. Two of the blocks, A and B, have now been set up and given to their new owners. Also, work has already started on building homes in these blocks.

More blocks are being added to the road network very quickly. The building of the big Mosque of Jamia has already begun, and work is moving along quickly. We think that the community will be built over a period of 20 to 30 years, and the area will be ready for daily work.

On the main website, you can find a planning report with more information about the Park View City Amenities.

Designer who does it all:

We also kept saying that due diligence on a real estate project isn’t done until the Developer’s ability to carry out the project is known. Park View City is being built by Vision Group of Companies. Aleem Khan is the owner of Vision Group and an active member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. He is also a well-known politician.
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When the project is linked to such a well-known person, it gets more respect. It gets rid of risks related to building and development.

Also, the Developer’s portfolio, which includes Park View Villas, Park View Signature Apartments, and the corporate sector in Lahore, as well as Park View Icon in Karachi, shows that the company has good leadership skills for carrying out large-scale projects.

The view of the Botanical Garden is amazing:

Park View City is a great place because it is in a valley and is surrounded by beautiful botanical gardens. Many developers were interested in these real estate housing schemes in Islamabad because they looked so good.

Part of Park View City’s vision for Islamabad is for its people to live in a way that is good for the environment. People who lived in these botanical gardens would definitely have a lot of fun and happiness. So, all of the other housing societies in Islamabad benefit from what the Park View Area has to offer.

It’s the main reason why so many builders like the Mayfair villas in Park View City have been built. The villa houses are near the hills and would be a great place to invest in 2020.

Plots with a Bigger Scale:

Park View City is also lucky because, on average, the plots are smaller than in other places. The size is 1300 square feet of a 5 Marla plot that is 26 feet wide and 50 inches long. In Park View City, on the other hand, a 10 Marla plot is 35′ x 70′, which is 2450 square feet. On average, one Marla is equal to 250 square feet, which is a lot more than most other cultures.

Even though the prices in Park View City tend to be higher than in other Islamabad neighbourhoods, we assume that this is because the plot sizes are much bigger and the land is of higher quality. We also assume that construction costs are included in the price, since they are included in the price.

Park View City’s Overseas Block:

The new block in this interesting home initiative is the Park View City Overseas Block, which has everything everyone needs. Everyone is interested in society, from people who own homes and businesses to people who live in classic flats and villas.

Soon, the project will start all over the world to meet all of the housing needs of Pakistanis living abroad. Pakistanis start the plot size from outside of Pakistan, looking for a place to belong, to be understood, and to buy Pakistan.

So, it is close to the business centre of the enterprise and promises a stable investment and a high-class life for its people.

Friendly to the environment:

Environmental surveys show that people should live in places with lots of greenery. Residential projects that are good for the environment are now a reality. With housing companies like Capital Smart City building eco-friendly projects, Park View City doesn’t have to try in this area.

One of the best things about Park View City is that it is naturally good for the environment and has a lot of natural forests all around it. This is also very well-known in the Chak Shahzad area, so many people are now interested in this project. In Park View City, people get to live in style and safety. That means that if you buy a home in Park View City Islamabad, you will never be happy anywhere else in the world.

The Art of Keeping the Economy Healthy:

Since it opened in the middle of 2017, Park View City has kept the market lively and full of people. The fact that this home business is still known in Islamabad’s real estate market shows that the market’s trust has grown over time.

The people in charge of Park View City use different ways to finish the different projects that the residents start at different times. In general, the two main strategies we found will be underpricing regular transactions and making strategic transactions cheaper than they should be.

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Let investors move money around:

In the same way, some buyers want their money to move quickly from one commodity to another. They will put money in at the beginning, which will slow down the market. Park View City can keep its short-term customers by establishing its brands on a regular basis and spreading the value of those brands among different items. Since the investor trusts the company and is happy with the returns, they have no reason to try harder.

But now that the shareholders can get out of 3,5 Marla residential plots, the company surprised them by starting 2.5 Marla, which was a big hit.

In short, the Park View City gains plan would let investors switch investments between different goods. Also, it helps end consumers find out what each product can do for them in the long run before they choose one brand.

Notes on the end:

In this article, we talked about why Park View City should be a good investment project.ghafari marketing is a best selling partner of it. We think that all of these things would make it a good investment that would give us a good return in a couple of years.


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