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There is good news for railway commuters. The IRCTC e-Catering Food Order service is now available in 1,516 trains and 45 stations around the country according to the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). Making it simpler for customers to order food delivery from well-known national companies in trains and at stations is the goal. 28 trains were used to launch the e-catering service at first, however they lacked pantry car amenities. Due to a provision in the Railway Budget 2015–16, more than 1500 trains can currently take advantage of this service, which serves 45 significant stations.

New Delhi, Old Delhi, Anand Vihar, Nizamuddin, Mumbai Central, Pune, Howrah, Sealdah, Bhubaneshwar, Visakhapatnam, Guwahati, New Jalpaiguri, Mugalsarai, Patna, Kanpur Central, Jaipur, Lucknow, Varanasi, Kharagpur, Bilaspur, Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Chandigarh are some major stations where you can use this service These stations provide station-based e-catering services. You can eat wholesome meals. To ensure proper quality and quantity, there will be frequent evaluations. Enjoy your journey as a result, stress-free.

E-catering Partners Approved by FSSAI and IRCTC:

Passengers can order meals from the FSSAI and IRCTC accredited e-catering partners with confidence, knowing that fresh and wholesome food will be supplied because food safety is their first priority. The quality of the food that will be served to passengers when they travel by train is guaranteed.

As soon as the train arrives at the designated railway station, your favorite cuisine will be made in FSSAI restaurants and delivered through contactless delivery of food in train berth. Zoop guarantees all train travelers that the neighborhood food vendors we have worked with cook food in a hygienic manner, so you won’t have to rely on unhealthy meals throughout your preferred train journey. tracks the train in real-time and ensures that customers riding on it have access to fresh food through its affiliated, FSSAI-approved restaurants all throughout India. When placing an order, you have the option of paying in full online or selecting cash on delivery (COD) for your food.

How many food businesses are connected to IRCTC?

One of IRCTC’s main projects is its ambitious food service. IRCTC has partnered with more than 500 restaurants located all over India to offer delicious cuisine to travelers. Comesum, Zoop, RailRestro, Real Food, OLF shops, Dewsis & Yatri, Domino’s, Subway, and Haldiram’s are just a few of the well-known  IRCTC e-Catering Food Order providers that IRCTC has worked with to supply food in trains. Zoop is one of the best app that you can opt for online food delivery.

There are hundreds of additional food vendors who offer delicious meals on trains in addition to these.IRCTC follows the Standard Guidelines when choosing food providers to fulfill orders placed through the online catering app. Through e-catering, it enables the food suppliers to go through a rigorous food supply authorisation process. Only those food vendors who offer hot and fresh cuisine are chosen by IRCTC. This is because IRCTC makes sure that customers enjoy their meal orders when they use its website or mobile application to place them.

Extremely Popular Among Passengers: IRCTC E-Catering Service:

A subsidiary of the Indian Railways, the Indian Railway Culinary and Tourists Corporation Ltd., or IRCTC, was created with the aim of modernizing, tailoring, and managing the hospitality and catering services aboard trains and at stations to promote both domestic and foreign tourism. The IRCTC’s e catering and hospitality business has added the e-catering service, which flawlessly combines food and technology to provide customers wholesome and delectable dining options. This most recent IRCTC effort is an online service that allows passengers to order food from IRCTC approved e-catering service providers through their websites or apps while riding the train.

IRCTC has worked with numerous e-catering businesses to deliver hot, fresh, and delectable meals to a huge number of passengers on the train as part of an effort to grow the business. For those who dislike eating unsanitary and unhealthy meals while traveling by train or those who use non-pantry trains, this new IRCTC effort has been a godsend.

Reasons for the Popularity of E-Catering Companies:

Nowadays, passengers much prefer to order food from IRCTC e-catering Food Order companies than to eat in filthy pantry cars or purchase food from train stations. Due to the following factors, e-catering businesses are now extremely well-liked by train passengers:

400+ train stations across India offer delicious meals. Given that IRCTC and a few e-catering companies have established themselves at more than 400 stations, enjoying a hot and delectable meal on the train is no longer just a pipe dream. To enjoy a hot and delectable meal on the train today, customers can easily order the food of their choosing through smartphone apps.

Top Restaurants deliver hygienically prepared food – Passengers no longer have to worry about the taste and quality of the food served on the train because when they place an order through the apps or websites of e-catering companies, they receive the highest-quality food that has been hygienically prepared at India’s top restaurants. Wide Variety of Cuisines – Today’s train passengers have many options from a variety of cuisines, so they no longer have to settle for the food that is offered in the pantry car to satisfy their appetite. On the train, food options for passengers include biryani, pizza, veg and non-veg thalis, Chinese, Italian, Jain, and Satvik, tea and coffee.


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