Top 5 Permutations of the Education System that are Expected in 2022


Everything was going smoothly in 2022 until certain people started fighting and made us realize how important it is to have peace and harmony. Anyhow, there are lots of things that need our attention and education is one of them. Due to the pandemic, we had to face trouble dealing with academic tasks because everything was completely shut down and till now we are not completely over it. We still need to follow safety guidelines and SOPs so that this virus cannot harm us anymore. 

In between all of that was happening, education sectors introduced us to hybrid learning methods. This model helped every student around the globe and we did not have to waste a valuable year due to some deadliest viruses. However, there are still some parts of the world that are not facilitated enough to deal with diseases like these. Hence, they had to face a lot of problems during a hard time. 

Since that has been almost over and we can walk around freely like old times with precautions. It’s time to let everyone know about the changes that have been made OR expected to be made in the education system. You do not need to ask people to write my assignment because 2022 is going to be the finest year to innovate. 

What is the permutation of the education system?

You might want to know what permutation is. If we have mathematicians in the room then they have an idea about it but for the people who do not know, here is the answer. 

The permutation is a mathematical term or technique as per se and it is used to determine how much arrangement of numbers are possible in a set OR a possible arrangement of objects in absolute order. However, in the education system, it gets a little twisted. You can refer it to innovation to make it less complex. It defines the different trends that can be helpful towards education but in a definite manner. 

So now that we know what this term has to do with the article it’s time to move on to the actual thing and let’s see how things are going to work in the academic year of 2022.

Technology and education 

Technology has helped us a lot during pandemics and if it wasn’t there we couldn’t possibly get through this. Before anyone spams us saying that this wasn’t the first global shut down, let us break it to you, the first-ever illness was never like this, and nobody was dependent on technology because it was not this vast back in the day. But the scenario is different today and many of our things depend on automation. It is as scary as it sounds but this is the truth. 

So, technology kept things running in the background. Be it computers, laptops, IoT, AI, or any other robotics. Each thing worked as an ultimate rescue for students just so that no one was left behind. Distance learning made it easy for them to enroll themselves in their desired fields. And the evolution of technology did not stop there, it is growing further day by day. Distance learning is not just a method but it is hope for all those students who do not have facilities to educate themselves. Apart from that, the thing worked as a savior for educators too just like it helped students. 

Virtual learning 

It’s been a long time and people still don’t understand the idea of virtual learning. It is nothing different than AR and VR experiences. Not today but this is going to be the future of learning someday. The purpose of using VR or metaverse in education is to provide the near to real learning experience to students. Just like we use this tech in video games and virtual meetings, learning would be so fun with it. Virtual learning has not been introduced in many countries yet but we are expecting it to be done by the following year because last year has been great for it already. 

Blockchain in education

Everything takes time to finally settle down and the same is the case with blockchain in education. The phenomenon is quite simple, it is used to secure data whether it is the educational sector or crypto. Your data isn’t going to get leaked or corrupt. But it is in its initial stage and we don’t know how much time it will take. Although, a survey was done two years back shows that the upcoming years will determine if it is going to stay longer or not. All of it shows, the technology of blockchain is not going anywhere, instead, it will evolve further and can easily take over any data security system.

Social and emotional learning

Gone are the days when no one used to pay attention to social and emotional learning aka SEL. We think it is one of the finest decisions that has ever been made in the history of education. In this process, you develop the skill of self-control, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills because everyone knows it is the basic requirement for a strong personality. The reason why started so late is that we never knew how vulnerable a mind can be. Anyhow, late is always better than never. So kudos to anyone who came up with this idea of SEL. If you want to learn more about it you can check out the research, dissertations, and UK assignments about it. You will surely find lots of content about it. 

Skills development in the education sector

Skill development is one of the most important things in life. There is an old saying that goes like ‘a skillful person never sleeps empty stomach.’ Whoever said that, knew skills are never going to be a waste. This is as important as your degree. And the great thing about skill development is that there is no age limit. In many parts of the world where people have no education and money to pursue any valuable degree, their government helps them to learn skills so that they can get a job. We still wonder, why it took us so long to understand that a person does not only need education but skills too.

Summing it up!

These are the top 5 innovations that are happening in education sectors around the world and we hope that these trends at least make a positive change in people’s lives. Apart from benefiting students, these permutations can also play a big part in guiding education providers. 


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