Top 5 Blockchain to Build an IDO Launchpad


What Are The Best 5 Blockchains To Develop An IDO Launchpad?

The IDO launchpad development exhilarates the digital world that revolutionized the growth of extensive business entities that raised an astonishing total of $1.7million in just investments. It assisted the investors to create a stable network of supporters to access long-term profitability. The IDO launchpad is estimated to achieve greater lengths by the end of 2022. After cryptocurrencies took over the entire digital market, investors were excited with the craze of launching their projects as IDO launchpads. 

The IDO launchpad has produced a wide range of unique beneficiary features that made numerous investors and business domains step foot inside the crypto space to explore the advantages that suit their business requirements. The digital universe’s next great invention is the IDO launchpad which is regarded as one of the best crowdfunding domains for business owners to launch their projects and expect an immense volume of funds from the investors. This entire process is done with the help of IDO tokens. At present, the crypto projects that are being listed on IDO launchpads have begun to experience profitable growth and results.

What Is Initial DeX Offering (IDO)?

Initial Dex offering is an interesting idea for raising capital for crypto projects. This fundraising idea involves the activity of launching crypto projects in a decentralized exchange platform. The investors would have to invest in a decentralized environment, thus, in return, they get IDO tokens as rewards for investing. These IDO tokens are then staked in the future for trading at a higher market price. This type of raising funds is very beneficial and used by a wide range of newcomers in the crypto space. This is because of the elimination of listing fees since it is a decentralized platform and not monitored by any third party. 

IDO Launchpad- A Brief Introduction

The IDO launchpad is a listing platform that allows businesses to list their crypto projects in a decentralized medium. This platform can be also known as an investor’s pool. Since investors come to this platform to go through the whitepaper and tokenomics of the crypto projects and decide whether to invest or not. If the investors decide to invest in their chosen crypto project, the investing is done via the Initial Dex Offering model. The IDO launchpad is basically furnished with an immense rate of unique and customizable features that are created with the sole purpose of reaching the business needs. This platform enables investors to periodically adjust the sale price, liquidity lock, funding type, and token vesting.

At first, the IDO launchpad initiates reviews and verifies the authenticity of the crypto project. Once it is cleared, the crypto project is listed on the platform for investors. The core of an IDO launchpad is dependent on the trust factor between the business owner and the investors. It benefits the investors in the form of gaining profits for investing in their desired crypto projects.

The IDO launchpad is perfectly developed to support a wide range of blockchains. There are various IDO launchpads in the field and the most recent one is the multi-chain IDO launchpad. This launchpad can list crypto projects from various blockchain technologies. The IDO launchpad removes the involvement of third parties. Smart contracts are the core of the IDO launchpad, each and every transaction and fundraising is processed with the help of smart contracts.

Benefits Of IDO Launchpads

Quick Trading

As soon as the crypto project is listed on the launchpad, the trading process begins. The buyers who buy the IDO tokens will have early access to sell the tokens for a higher market price. Hence, it keeps the visitors engaged effectively.

Low Gas Fees

The IDO mechanism is processed in a decentralized environment. Hence, the crypto project does not have to pay an enormous gas fee for launching a smart contract The core functionality of the smart contract is to provide governance to the asset tokens and the liquidity pool. This feature is primarily dependent on the type of blockchain network that is used.

Instant Liquidity

Liquidity is the core factor for any tokens that are being listed on the launchpad. Since the platform is decentralized and they run on the efficiency of blockchain and smart contracts, immediate liquidity is generated.

Top 5 Blockchains To Develop An IDO Launchpad


Solana is one of the fastest blockchain technologies in the world. This network satisfies every virtue that a blockchain should possess; speed, security, and scalability. Solana initiates more than 50,000 TPS at an astonishing block time. Thus, it is perfect for developing IDO launchpads.

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain is relatively new to the blockchain sector. This blockchain is an extension of the Binance chain platform. This platform processes high-speed transactions at a lower gas fee. This is due to the effective functioning of smart contracts. Binance Smart Chain is built by using the dual chain architecture. Thus, they are the perfect fit for developing IDO launchpads for business platforms.


Polygon is the newest entrant into the digital space. This is a unique blockchain that is developed on the layer 2 protocol of the Ethereum network. Polygon is developed to remove all the challenges that were once faced by the Ethereum blockchain. This blockchain is trusted by a wide range of business entities in the crypto space. This blockchain has the capability to use the benefits of the Ethereum blockchain but better. Thus, making it a perfect blockchain for developing an IDO launchpad.


Ethereum is the most commonly used blockchain technology in the digital space. It is a second-generation platform that is developed to replace the conventional first-generation blockchain. This blockchain is regarded as one of the most stable and reliable platforms among the second-generation blockchains. Hence, they are preferred by a wide group of people to kick-start their business in the IDO launchpad sector.


This is a third-generation blockchain that was created with the sole purpose of replacing the second-generation blockchain like Ethereum and its predecessor, Binance. Cardano is famous for providing high-level scalability and reliability to the platforms that it is being used. Hence, it would be an appropriate fit for building an IDO launchpad and enable the business entity to reach greater heights.

Final Thoughts,

Every decentralized platform has the ability to be built with a wide range of blockchain networks. In the case of IDO launchpads, it is perfect. Every blockchain network has its unique characteristics. Thus, it is important for businesses to choose the blockchain that perfectly fits their list of requirements. With the application of appropriate blockchain technology to the IDO launchpad development, the business entity is expected to reach great heights in a relatively short period of time.


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