Tips to Crack the AZ 304 Certificate Exam


Candidates applying for the azure certification exam must have expertise in implementing solutions and designs on Microsoft Azure. Therefore, it is beneficial to know specific tips to crack the exam before sitting for the exam. So, keep reading to learn about the recommendations in detail.

The AZ 304 exam measures the candidate’s ability in specific technical tasks, including design business continuity, design monitoring, design data storage, design identity and security, and design infrastructure. In addition, they will help the candidate stay up-to-date with the current business requirement and IT environment demands.

Tips for the AZ 304 certificate exam

Get an Azure subscription

It is essential to train the practice to prepare for an azure certification exam. Therefore, every candidate must set up their Azure subscription. It will help the candidates by familiarising them with the Azure services included in the exam. In addition, candidates can try out the trial accounts and perform practicals for more detailed guidance.

Guides for the exam

For the azure course exam, candidates can receive the AZ 304 guides that provide the most relevant path for preparing for the exam. Microsoft completely understands the requirements of the candidates and gets that every individual’s learning pattern differs. 

Therefore, it provides a varied range of guides suitable for every candidate. In addition, Microsoft provides docs on every imaginable Azure topic for the candidates and helps them read about the course and additional information.

Blueprints of Microsoft exam

Candidates must check the blueprints for the AZ 304 examination provided by Microsoft. It should be the first step for every candidate before beginning their exam preparation. Additionally, the blueprint breaks down the topics and allocates a specific percentage of questions to each. 

By doing so, Microsoft aids the candidates to know how much to study from each topic for the exam.

Join some classes

There are various free classes available for the candidates that provide proper azure training for the 304-certificate exam. The sessions are pretty interactive and will help the candidates understand the exam, its syllabus, the available guides, etc.

Guide to prepare for the Azure 304 exam

Official learning ways 

Every candidate sitting for AZ 304 exam must receive azure training. With the training, candidates learn more about the question pattern and the types of tasks they have completed during the exam. In addition, Microsoft provides a learning platform for its azure exam.

However, currently, there is no official recommendation on the Microsoft learning platform, so candidates should begin their preparation with the aid of recommended learning paths.

Microsoft White Papers and official learning sources 

Apart from the learning platforms, candidates also require the support of official learning sources for the azure course. As per the study guide for the AZ 304 exam, candidates need to be inclusive in their exam by concentrating on the official documentation of Microsoft.

FAQs, whitepapers, research journals, articles, etc., available on the azure exam topic, will support the preparational needs of the candidate. They will help in the preparation effectively, and the candidates will also get plenty of time to complete and cover the vast range of information available for the exam. 

Online study groups

Online study groups or community participation is a significant factor for the candidates applying for the azure course. They help in the preparation of the exam by providing advanced learning approaches. The online groups and communities are also a fantastic platform that keeps you updated on recent exam information. 

By participating in online study groups, candidates get the opportunity to exchange valuable learning sources, like study guides, practice tests, hands-on labs, etc. These will benefit the candidates and help them to improve their study preparation.

Apart from the learning sources and current exam updates, this community participation allows candidates to find a suitable study partner. Having a partner will improve the candidate’s preparation schedule, and they can even create and develop innovative ways to crack the exam.


The AZ 304 examination is quite challenging to pass. However, if the candidates prepare suitably for a reasonable amount of time, their chances of passing are high. The tips mentioned above and guides will help the aspiring candidates pass the exam and receive the Azure certification.


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