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We all appreciate cleaned windows and doors, but we also all know the feeling that there is nothing worse than having to wash them, as most of the time they still do not seem clean. We have put together a complete guide on how to wash quickly and easily windows and doors, as a professional below.

Guide: Cleaning windows and doors

As a starting point, ordinary dishwashing detergent is suitable for washing your windows and doors, and it is a good idea to make min. 2-4 times a year. Below we have gathered some simple tips and tricks to optimize window cleaning and you can use the same guide for your doors with panes.

The weather is an important factor when washing windows

As a starting point, you can clean your windows and doors in all sales weather, however, be aware that the water in the summer evaporates quickly, due to the heat of the sun, and that in the winter it freezes faster. Therefore, you need to be faster with the razor than otherwise. Spring and autumn are therefore the perfect time to Vinduespudser.

If you have decided to polish your windows and brave the cold of winter, remember to be aware that you will need extra hot water to prevent the water from freezing on the pane. In hot weather or direct sun, it is instead important to use cold water and be fast!

Maybe this trick can help you further: Ice cubes!  Ice cubes are the right answer during the summer months, as they mean that the water takes longer to evaporate.

The equipment counts when you wash windows

Forget about newsprint and an old scraper from the bathroom, if you do not have the right equipment you can probably clean them as much without getting to the finish line properly.

You will need this equipment:

  • A good scraper
  • Tea towels
  • A sponge or washer

By using a sponge or washer on your windows, you loosen the dirt before you use the scraper and your windows will be easier to clean. Newsprint is used in many Danish homes for cleaning windows mirrors etc., and this in itself can also be done, but you do not achieve the best result, as newsprint no longer contains lead-based printing ink.

Make your own soap blend

When using water from your tap, streaks can occur when you wash windows due to the water’s content of lime. Therefore, you can advantageously use household vinegar if you use water directly from the tap and otherwise the water from a condensate dryer is a good alternative, as the water from here does not contain as much lime as ordinary water.


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