There are 5 massages that are popular in the treatment


Of back pain and their treatments

There is no doubt about that. Beautiful massage! But can massage reduce back pain? Of course, massage is not the only cure for back pain. Of course, 스웨디시 is often associated with physical activity that is stressful or stressful, but in most cases, sciatica is more difficult than a gentle massage.

However, it is unlikely that massage will be included in the entire treatment plan. Here are some types of massages you may want to complement with other treatments.

Deep massage

This type of massage focuses on the deep layers of the muscle that are used for fractures (which can make the skin slippery or make more space). Often, the flow of blood to the lymph nodes changes, which can lead to the accumulation of waste in the liver. That is why so many people complain that deep massage is painful.

Miramar Shiatsu

 The shiatsu massage, which started in Japan, is the squeezing of fingers and palms to correct discomfort and promote healing. Although there is little scientific evidence that Shiatsu is effective in all major health conditions, it promotes relaxation and reduces stress on joint health and well-being.

Mirimiri Sweden

This is the type of massage that most people consider to be a masseur. This type of massage begins as the body temperature rises and then begins to focus on the deep muscles. Massage is the process of blood flow to the heart. Many western areas use one or another massage.

Thai massage

 This type of massage is thousands of years old and has been called endurance yoga. Thai massage is based on several topics, including acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, and opens up meridians to promote health and well-being. Thai massage therapists believe that by rejecting certain methods, these effective techniques will be rejected, making such massage less difficult for foreigners.

Reiki massage started again in Japan.

 Reiki experts believe that health problems and illnesses are caused by a lack of energy. They believe that by mastering global forces, they can provide electricity to consumers and help manage an individual’s energy so they can survive. Unlike other types of massage, Reiki does not require physical contact. Of course, if the expert and the buyer agree in time, it can be done for some time. Clients rest in a comfortable position and the host gives them strength.

Today, of course, a wide variety of massages are used. However, these are just examples of some of today’s most popular brands. While massage can be effective, you should be careful not to use it as a remedy for back pain or sciatica. If you suffer from anxiety or stress, are tired or sore, your doctor may choose a massage. What’s the best thing about it? You don’t need a doctor! The only thing you can do is order one of the many massage parlors around the country. But there are different massages, I think I can offer you some simple massage treatments. This type of massage will help you decide who is right for you.

Popular in Western culture, massage techniques, Swedish massage has five main movements – massage (movement from the neck to the back), Patria (muscle tissue) and massage (breathing, rotating or walking). -order). Fingers), clapping (clapping to reduce stress) and shaking (back or handshake). Swedish massage is designed to calm the body and improve blood circulation.

Rub the stone

Hot stones (usually basalt) are applied to the surface. The heat is a great experience to relax and give the massage a deep breath.


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