The Specifications of PVC Knife Coated Tarps You Need to Know


PVC knife coated tarps are one of the best investments you can make for your company. This is because they are so versatile that they can be used in nearly any situation, and these qualities have resulted in them becoming the standard when it comes to many industries, from agriculture to construction. But don’t just take our word for it; here are some important specifications of PVC knife coated tarps you need to know before making your decision!

A Bit About PVC Knife Coated Tarpaulins

PVC knife coated tarps are generally more durable than regular tarpaulins and as a result, they often use heavier and thicker PVC for their outer coating. The PVC tarp material can either be PVC or PET and the thickness range is usually from 0.25mm to 1.00mm thick.

Types of Applications

Raleigh’s PVC Tarp Material is a cost-effective, long-lasting covering that has a multitude of uses. PVC tarps are water-resistant and UV resistant and can be used as a pool cover, driveway cover, roofing material or carport. The specification for each use varies, so be sure to check with the tarp before purchasing if you’re not sure what kind will work best for your project.

Reinforced Edges And Corners

PVC knife coated tarps are woven from a tough polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cloth with an acetate film on one side. The edges and corners are reinforced with polyester or polypropylene which makes them resistant to tearing, punctures, and erosion. The material is chemically inert, waterproof, solvent-resistant, tear-resistant, as well as fire-retardant when compared to other fabrics such as cotton.

Abrasion Resistance

All tarp materials are not created equal. PVC is one of the highest rated when it comes to abrasion resistance. The type, size, and quality of your tarps will have a lot to do with their durability as well.

Flame Retardant and Non-Cancerous Materials

PVC tarp materials are made with flame retardant, non-cancerous materials. PVC knives coated tarps also come in polyester and polyethylene as well as nylon. Be sure to choose the right material for your situation depending on where you will be using it. With flame retardant, non-cancerous PVC knife coated tarps, you can rest assured that your company and employees are in a safe working environment.

10 Year Limited Warranty for UV Fade Resistant

You want your tarps to last a long time, so make sure they are UV fade resistant. The 10-year limited warranty should give you peace of mind. The purpose of a knife coated tarp is largely determined by the finish it’s given on one side. This finish will affect how the tarp folds when unfolding and the type of seal that is used on joins, be it sewn or heat sealed.

Colorfastness Index with DIN EN ISO 105-B02

The surface has a white colour, while the back is black. It has a high degree of water repellence and also high flame retardant properties. The knife coated tarpaulin can be used for many purposes because it is very durable and heat resistant. The surface texture is rugged and the material does not have any vapour barriers or impregnation against liquid agents.

Adhesion To Steel Stabilized By Zinc or Zinc Alloys, Corrosion Resistance ASTM D-130 & ISO 105-B02 ETC.

This type of material has a really high resistance to corrosion due to the zinc coating. It adheres really well to steel which is stabilized by either zinc or zinc alloys which is what makes it so cost-effective and great for a lot of commercial or residential use.


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