The Most Important Step to Sharpening Your Chainsaw Chain


There are many articles out there that talk about how to sharpen a chainsaw chain, but often they skip over the most important step in the process. In order to ensure you get the most from your chainsaw and keep it running as smoothly as possible, it’s important to regularly sharpen your chain.
However, you can’t just walk out into your backyard and start working on your chain! There are four steps to sharpening any saw chain, and the first step to keeping your chain in good shape is having the right tools on hand before you begin sharpening!

Always Buy the Best Chain

Buy the best chain you can afford. You don’t want to wear out chains quickly or spend more time and money on chain repairs in the future. The better grade chainsaws will last for a long time. Cheaper grades may work well at first but will wear out very quickly. Consider your needs and price range when looking for a saw if you need a new one, but if you just need chains sharpened it would be better to buy the best mower maintenance tips have without spending too much money.

Clean and Lube Before Storage

It is important that you clean and lube your chainsaw before storing it for the winter. This will help keep dirt from getting into the chain and will prevent rusting. In order to clean the saw, remove any leaves or debris from the bar and chain. Next, use a brush with a long handle to sweep away any dirt on the blade of your chainsaw. If you notice any corrosion on the blade, then get some sandpaper to scrub off the corrosion. The final step in mower maintenance tips is to apply some motor oil onto the chain, which helps lubricate and protect it during storage.

Prepare by Stretching

This step is all about stretching the chainsaw chain. To do this, hold the chain by one end, and stretch it as far as you can. Then repeat with the other end of the chain. This will ensure that your saw doesn’t break when you’re in the middle of cutting something. Mower maintenance tips are important for the life of your saw! There are many steps you need to take before and after a mow session to get the most out of your power tool. These include:

  • Checking oil levels,
  • Checking coolant levels,
  • Checking fuel levels (if applicable),
  • Checking brake fluid level (if applicable),
  • Tightening bolts (or loosening if loose)
  • Adjusting chain tension, replacing blades or blunt teeth on a blade
  • Sharpening chainsaw chain

Sharpen Regularly

In order to keep the chainsaw running smoothly, it is essential that you sharpen your chainsaw chain regularly. To do this, remove the chain from the saw and then tighten it around a round object like a tree stump or a large log.
Then, use a file or sharpening stone to smooth out any bends and burrs on the cutting edges of the teeth in the chain. Once you have done this, make sure that you lubricate your chain with bar oil before putting it back on your saw.

Evaluate and Replace as Necessary

This is the last step in chainsaw maintenance. It’s a good idea to periodically check that your blade is sharp and free of rust and any other buildup. You should also periodically check your oil levels and make sure your spark plug, filter, air cleaner, fuel tank, muffler, and oil pump are all functioning properly. If they’re not performing well or have been damaged in any way you’ll need to replace them with new or rebuilt parts.


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