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How many times have you been in a situation in your life when you needed to go somewhere urgently but were unable to find an empty taxi? Or you were caught up in the rain and just dying to come back home, but no cab is arriving. Or maybe: it is a hectic day at the office, you just wish to press a button and find yourself in the backseat of a cab that will drive you home.

Every day thousands of people come across the same situations. To address these problems and provide quick and easy solutions to the passengers, a taxi management system has been introduced.

The main objective of the taxi management system is to provide convenient and comfortable trips to passengers whenever they wish. And to fulfill this objective many businesses have introduced the best taxi management system.

Here in this article, we are going to share with you every detail you need to know about taxi management systems.

What is a taxi management system? 

Taxi man engagement system is very important for taxi businesses. Taxi businesses implement the best taxi management system to offer a next-level passenger service by aiding faster dispatch of vehicles and reducing waiting times of passengers. This system maintains a smooth flow of taxies throughout the city with advanced functionalities such as GPS navigation.

This system has revolutionized the traditional taxi booking system. It allows passengers to book taxies in their cities using the internet and also ensures them with the safest and most comfortable rides. The customer gets all the needed information about the trip like distance, fare, driver information, etc. 

The cheap taxi dispatch system also enables the passenger to trace GPS location, monitor the taxi’s performance, driving behavior, and send real-time alert notifications. So that he/she can experience a secured and comfortable ride throughout the journey.

Taxi management application 

To access and utilize the taxi businesses require applications. This application will serve multiple purposes not only to the users but also to the driver, admin and dispatchers as well. 

The user will book a ride through the passenger application. The driver will be notified of the ride through the driver application. The dispatcher app will help to dispatch multiple vehicles for bookings. And the admin or taxi business owner will use the admin application to keep himself updated with all the real-time processes.

Passenger application: Passengers will fill up personal details and log in for a more personalized experience. Here the user will be able to choose the starting point and destination of his/her journey. The estimated distance of the two points and fare cost will be displayed on the interface.

Driver application: Through the driver application, drivers will register themselves with the taxi business and put log-in credentials for further process. Drivers are also required to fill in personal details for authentication purposes. The driver application must be simple and easy to use so that less-educated drivers can use the application very easily.

Dispatcher panel application: The dispatcher application should be loaded with options to track vehicles, schedule and reschedule bookings, assign vehicles and drivers, manage payments. The dispatcher panel application should be so elegantly designed that the person handling the dispatching can handle all the processes effortlessly. 

Admin panel: The admin panel application should be designed to track all the activities and processes of the taxi business. The application should provide a single window to view and access all the business data. The application should also provide detailed data and reports of different business activities that will help the business owner with valuable insights. Evaluating those data and reports will help the business owners attain exponential growth.

As many taxi businesses implement taxi management systems to improve their taxi services, their competitiveness has surged exponentially. Now you can not only rely on receiving and accepting ride requests. You have to implement more personalized and convenient features to ensure better customer experiences. 

It will be very beneficial for you to consider the features that I am mentioning below. These features will surely develop the taxi management for your taxi business.

The most advanced features of the taxi management system

  1. An ideal admin and dispatcher panel: A dispatcher panel is what connects the drivers and the passengers. The dispatcher manages all the details of the passengers and drivers and also assigns vehicles.

The admin panel provides valuable insights into business data and helps the owners to take important business decisions. Your taxi management system should have the ideal admin and dispatcher panel to handle all the required processes effortlessly.

  1. Easy-to-use driver and passenger application: To provide a better user experience, your taxi management system must have an application that your passengers and drivers find easy to use.

Incorporate some advanced features in your passenger application for a better user experience. Some of these features are 

  • Multiple payment gateway options including online payments.
  • Split fare features and ride-sharing option.
  • Estimated time facility.
  • SOS button.

You can include some of these features in your driver application to simplify your drivers’ tasks. These are 

  • In-app notification for every booking.
  • Rating, review, wallet option.
  • Emergency button.
  • Regular expedition reports.
  1. Seamless sign-up process: You need to take special care about the architecture of your taxi booking application. It should be attractive in design but also offer effortless and hassle-free signup. 

Put spaces where customers can put important personal details like Phone no, email-id, password, username, etc. Keep the overall signup process simple to ensure a positive first impression.

  1. Personalized booking process: Try to provide a more personalized experience to your users. Let them log in to your taxi application and choose a ride for them easily. Save the details and next time suggest the options they have previously chosen before.

Some of the most important points of the cab booking process are:

  • Include a search bar to enter the destination.
  • Search bar to enter the desired pick-up location.
  • Detailed maps to see the pathway of their destination location.
  1. Flexible booking: Flexible booking is one of the most crucial features to provide a better user experience. A passenger should get to choose the taxi of their choice. You can include a pop-up box as well where the passenger can put details about the timing of their ride. They can either choose the option right now or a date along with the timing for their ride.
  2. GPS tracking: If you are developing the taxi management software for your taxi business, then you have to include a GPS tracking system. GPS tracking system enables the passengers and drivers to track down the location of each other. It connects the driver and passenger with live tracking data through a location tracking tool.

This will help the passenger know exactly how far is the taxi and how much time will it take to arrive at the pickup location.

  1. Complete ride details: You need to include a section where all the details about the ride will be given. This includes the information of the driver such as: 
  • Name of the driver.
  • Years of experience.
  • Ratings and reviews previous drives.
  • The type and color, and the number of the taxi.
  • Distance from the pickup location with estimated arrival time.
  • Contact details of the driver.
  • Cost of the ride.

These features will improve the transparency of your taxi management system.

  1. Cancelation option: A trip cancellation feature should be included in both the customer and driver’s ends. A driver can cancel a trip for multiple reasons like roadblocks, traffic, car damage, etc. You have to take care of your drivers’ conveniences as well. This feature will allow them to cancel a ride if they are not feeling comfortable.

There are also multiple reasons for which a passenger can cancel a trip. Make sure you charge very little to no charges for canceling and refunding the payment.

  1. Multiple payment gateways: You should include multiple payment options in your taxi management application so that a passenger can pay for the ride in the way he finds most comfortable and secure.

You can promote cashless payments by introducing e-wallets. Give your customers options to add money to e-wallet for seamless payments.

  1. Ratings and Feedback options: A passenger should get to rate and review after the completion of the ride. Include a rating and review section where passengers can leave their reviews. This feedback will help you evaluate the performance of your drivers as well as your taxi management system. And help you improve your service next time.


Taxi management systems have changed the traditional ways of booking taxis. With the help of the taxi businesses are providing more secure, comfortable, and convenient rides to their customers. Now taxi management systems are also available in cloud computing as well.

Now passengers no longer need to wait for hours before hiring a taxi and drivers also get profitable deals during working hours. The Taxi system finds quick and effective deals for both the passenger and driver.


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