The Essential Guide To Wooden Flooring


The wooden floor is constantly growing; The final range is complex, long and straightforward to install. No need to worry about gaps between boards; Printing and locking systems allow you to do this with an experienced DIY man, and many providers also offer installation services.

When the surface is smooth, dry and flat, almost all types of external wooden flooring can be laid on any floor, including floorboards, concrete, old tile or slab surfaces. The remodeled wooden floor is a bit different, it does not cut to a large size and it is difficult to determine what it will look like when it is finished. Get advice from your supplier on how much to buy and what to choose, and always check if you’ve bought coffee – you’re tired of looking for similar boards elsewhere. Also, it is important to try cleaning and / or finishing the extra board before installing.

As a mandatory element of the room and color scheme, you should choose your wooden floor at the beginning of the renovation or renovation project. How colors are formed in ink and paper, depending on how light or deep the floor is. Some wood floors, such as planks, planks and obtained planks, can be repainted and blackened, but this is not something you often want to do.

Wood floor types

Solid wood

Made of gypsy wood, they are all sturdy. Some types are suitable for installation and do not require a floor under the structural deck.

Restored tree

It can be purchased as a complete deck of planks, planks or planks or a wooden floor restoration and salvage yard. Recovered wooden floors before installation can be very troublesome. However, once installed, it will look amazing.

Multi-layer or engineering

The plywood or cellular base consists of several layers of hard or soft wood, covered with a single layer of wood. This floor construction gives it strength and durability, so it is a good option for wooden floors.


The back of the board is made of a wooden picture made of laminated plastic. The high quality versions are convincingly textured, intricate and rigid. The cheaper versions of the DIY-Store look flat and lifeless, and the “wood” finish can stick to the edges of the board.

Vinyl flooring is common in wooden flooring dubai patterns. Luxurious vinyl can be a good choice in the kitchen or bathroom, and is cheaper than wood. Vinyl flooring or block flooring may seem more complicated, but since each floor is designed separately, it should always be kept professional.


o Wooden floors can make noise, especially in upstairs rooms. Use carpet for workplace footpaths, and always use insulation provided by installers.

O Recovered wooden floors are generally well-dressed and inconvenient for most dwellings, so you should avoid the bathroom and kitchen.

o Solid or engineered wooden floors are suitable for living rooms, dining rooms, halls and bedrooms.

o Laminate is suitable for living quarters and bedrooms, but avoid waterlogged rooms as the sheets between the joints may swell or fade.

Vinyl flooring is a good choice for bathrooms and kitchens, archives and utility rooms as well as important living areas.

Designs and classes

Wooden flooring comes in the form of boards (also known as boards), each of which can consist of several strips. The three-lane design panel has three long narrow lanes. When the floor is made, there is a random column pattern. The thickness of the boards can vary, and each depth is more convenient for certain foundations. For example, mm. Thicker boards, about 22 mm thick, can be placed on the joints as structural floor boards, while thin boards, 7 to 15 mm thin boards can now be used for additional flooring. Added to smooth, dry. . Earth

The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. Premium or selected classes are smooth, uniform and buttonless. Zoom in, the so-called “natural” or “rural” classes are not the same and are often realistic and engaging. The exact pattern of the board – order your floor when you see the stripes, color, class and finish.

Wooden floor and surroundings

Wooden floors are generally considered to be environmentally friendly and are made of sustainable wood using wood. Leading stores will work with manufacturers who use wood from certified sources. In the UK, the Forest Management Council (FSC) scheme is widely accepted and includes a certified chain that monitors timber at every stage, from the forest to the retailer. See fs for more information.


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