The Complete Guide to Electrical Installation Condition Cost


Easy, smooth and continuous operation of household electrical circuits, appliances, electrical equipment and sockets. However, like many, all the components on the sides of our house can wear and wear out after years of continuous use.

What are the risks?

Damage or defects in the power cord, clips, or hardware can cause a serious fire. Electrical Safety first estimates that electricity causes more than 20,000 accidental fires each year in UK homes. Exceeds the real risk of injury or death. These fires also cause more than £100 million in property damage each year.

Even new appliances and even newly installed electrical equipment can pose a fire hazard. If the device is defective or not installed correctly

UK Electrical Safety Certification

Fortunately, UK homeowners can rest assured that they will hire a reputable local electrician to audit and prepare an EICR Cost. British electrical certifications should be created every 5-10 years. However, you may need to turn it on more often Electrical safety check.

Explains everything you need to know about EICR certifications, from EICR Cost to processing EICR reports. And how should you choose an electrician to do an EICR?


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The UK Health and EICR Cost agency said: “If you have the capacity, you can do the electrical work yourself.” However, in reality, unless you are a qualified electrician, only certified and experienced electricians have the necessary level of skill to perform EICR. Do not operate the EICR manually.

How much does EICR Cost?

The single biggest factor in determining the EICR Cost report is the size of your home. Due to the large size of the house, appliances, sockets, and electrical circuits need only further testing. UK homeowners can expect to pay the following to hire a local electrician to take the EICR exam:

Other factors that determine the EICR Cost

The above costs are typical costs. In addition to the size of the home, other factors may determine the final price to pay for an electrical installation condition report.

1. Wiring Life 

A house with mixed old or new wiring. It may take some time to confirm. Just because it can take a long time to identify and test different circuits and wires. Used in different parts of the house

2. Number of devices and circuits 

Some electricians may check the number of circuits and equipment by default. However, there is an additional fee for additional tests. If you have a large home with a lot of appliances, consult an electrician for a quote. As a rule, you should check the circuits, sockets and jigs. As all devices however, it is common for electricians to choose a sample test.

3. Regional differences  

Such as general trade prices and living expenses. The cost of an EICR in London or the southeast is usually higher than in other parts of the country.

What are EICR tests?

During the EICR test, the electrician tests consumable units (fuse boxes), electrical circuits, protective bonds, appliances, plugs, lamps, and other electrical equipment. In your home

Audits identify and log risks such as hardware failures. Poor electrical contact and overload circuit

Record the results in a report similar to the example below. For each item examined, the report categorizes its status into one of four categories: “currently dangerous,” “potentially dangerous,” “recommended improvement,” or “needs further investigation without delay.”

How long does an EICR take?

The electrode takes about 3-4 hours to complete an EICR, but may take longer. This depends on the complexity of the electrical circuit, the size of the house, and the number of devices to be tested.

What if the EICR identifies the problem?

No matter the age of your property, whether or not your home wiring device is working, EICR can identify wiring problems. Your peripherals or devices. In these cases, hiring a certified electrician to make the corrections is highly recommend. The problems identified are ‘recommended for improvement’, but they tend to get worse and more serious if many problems are not addressed.

After the EICR audit, you can do the following tasks:

1. Replacement of equipment and accessories

The EICR may only recommend the replacement of individual devices (eg power supplies and sockets). Conventional sockets are cheap to replace and cost less than £50, including parts and voltage. Lamps are also cheap in terms of labor, but the total cost largely depends on the cost of the new lamp you choose. You can replace these units yourself (consider “Are you able?”).

2. New consumer unit (fuse box)

This ensures that the electrical circuits in your home continue to operate safely. You may be advised or required to replace the consumer unit. (Replacing the so-called fuse box costs £350 to £600, depending on the number of circuits in the house (often related to house size: bigger house = more circuits).

3. Reward at home

This larger job is the most expensive repair job if I need your advice or carry it out. As you can see in the UK EICR Certificate cost. Some British homes use old wires that can wear, crack or have poor insulation after years of use. Electrical wiring is generally expected between 30 and 40 years. However, if the wiring throughout your home meets old standards and is showing signs of wear, your home may need new wiring.

EICR Cost for an entire home can be around £2,000 for a one-bedroom apartment. Up to around £6,500 in a 5-bedroom home.


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