The Best Children’s Books in 2022


To develop an early reading habit in children, coloring books really important to introduce them to books. Reading books could become their favourite pastime only when they are introduced to the best books. Something which makes a book best is coloring books content, cover and illustrations. When all of these are appealing the parents are going to buy them. The books have to be really attractive. There are various book publishers in India. In this blog, we have curated some of the best children’s books from Pegasus.

Pegasus is a well-known children brand with a wide collection of storybooks, picture books, colouring books, workbooks, activity books , puzzles and toys for kids aged 0-12 years. Their products are highly attractive and are of premium quality. They ensure to satisfy the needs of their customers. Pegasus products are available in stores and on the website. They have their store in DLF Mall of India, Noida and Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden.

Pegasus promotes read, play and explore. List of best children’s books in 2022 is as follows:

  1. Picture Word Book

At an early age, picture word books are ideal for children. These books introduce kids to new words and they learn to associate pictures with words. The aim of these books is that kids could recognise images that are listed in the books.  Picture Word Book is a series of 8 books: Farm, Home, School, Space, Things that move, Ocean, Town and Jungle & Desert. The books are die-cut shaped padded books ensuring the durability. This series comes in a pack of 4 books too. There are two such packs: The World Picture Word Book and World Around Us Picture Word Book.

  1. Wipe & Clean Workbooks

Wipe & Clean books are high in demand these days. Parents love to buy these books for their children. These are reusable books allowing the kids to write and clean. The kids could do this again and again. This helps in making concepts clear and they are able to practice well. The titles in these workbooks are Animals and Birds, First Words, Lowercase Alphabet, Numbers 1-10, My Town, Simple Addition, Simple Phonics, Sight Words, Simple Maths, Words and Spelling, Simple Subtraction, Telling Time, Things that move, Times Table, Uppercase Alphabet and Tracing & Pen Control.

  1. Ruskin Bond

Children love to read tales from Ruskin Bond. His way of writing is different from other authors. He writes stories keeping in mind what children will love to read. This is the reason why his books are always kids first preference. His stories are about nature and animals. The books from this series are Stories of wisdom, The blue umbrella, Tales from the childhood, From the cradle of nature, Magical stories for children, Amazing stories for children, Animal stories for children and Adventure stories for children.

  1. All Time Favourite Stories

This series contains some of the classic stories for children. These stories are ideal for kids aged 3+ years. The kids could try reading out themselves or parents could read these stories before their bedtime. The stories are written in an easy to understand manner. The books come with beautiful illustrations and the font size is adequate for kids to read. The titles in the series are Cindrella, Pinocchio, The hare and the tortoise, The lion and the mouse, The thirsty crow, Alice in wonderland, The jungle book and The three musketeers.

  1. Encyclopedia for 365 Days

To enhance your child’s knowledge Encyclopedias are the best. They are great for learning. Encyclopedia for 365 days is a series of encyclopedias for children where they get to learn one new fact for 365 days. These books enhance their knowledge and they get to know about different subjects. The books are padded books with foil covers.  The books are about amazing animals, amazing facts, art and craft activities, dinosaurs, inventions and inventors, wonders of the world and science experiments.

  1. Pop-up Books

Kids are really very attracted to pop-up books. They find these books very interesting and engaging. They get to see the 3D look of the objects. They are able to visualise how things in real life looks like. These books are very fascinating for children. This series pop-up books are ideal for kids aged 2+ years. The books in this series are all about fairy tales and princesses. The titles are Beauty & the beast, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Puss in boots, Rapunzel and Snow white. These pop-up books are beautifully illustrated and catch little one’s attention.                                                   

  1. Indian Mythological Stories

coloring books is good to introduce mythological stories to kids at an early age. They should know about our Indian mythology from childhood. Parents could read those stories to their kids or kids could start reading by themselves. The books in this series are Tales of Victorious Lord Ganesha, Tales of Mighty Hanuman, Tales of Compassionate Krishna, Tales of Righteous Lord Rama and Tales of Gracious Lord Shiva.

  1. Sticker Books

These sticker books are very attractive. The books come with various stickers. These are theme based books on alphabets, numbers, things that move and shapes and opposites. The little ones just need to pick those stickers up and place coloring books in the provided area. These books are full of fun and along with that kids develop various skills.

  1. 365 Page Colouring Book

Ask your child which is their favourite pastime and they will answer colouring. Colouring is something which kids are always happy about. They just love to colour. This 365 page colouring book is an asset for kids. There are four books in this series: My big 365 page colouring book, My bumper 365-page colouring book, My jumbo 365 page colouring book and My super 365 page colouring book books kids.

  1. Collector’s Edition

This series collector’s edition is a series of 12 books. The books are padded books with foil covers. The books contain stories for kids which helps in developing early reading habits in kids.

These are some of the best children’s books in 2022. Parents could buy these books for their children from the Pegasus store or from the website.


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