The Basics of Hurricane Proofing Your Home or Property’s Exterior


Hurricanes can wreak havoc on homes and their inhabitants. By taking measures to safeguard your house before an attack hits, it will save both heartache and money after such a storm has passed by.

Window Replacement

Investing in fiber-cement siding could protect the exterior of your house during a hurricane. This material has been engineered to resist damage from rain, hail, snow, salt air and hurricane-force winds better than other building materials; furthermore, it requires minimal maintenance while offering protection from rot and termite attacks.

As part of hurricane proofing your house exterior, replacing windows with impact resistant ones is another essential step in increasing safety during a hurricane. Impact resistant windows must pass stringent testing standards (source:; for instance they must withstand being shot from an air cannon at 50 feet per second with 2×4 lumber being shot out at them from each direction. Impact resistant doors not only offer aesthetic enhancements but can reduce glass fragments from flying into your interior during an attack.

Many homeowners have reported that impact-resistant windows increase energy efficiency of their homes, due to being constructed more tightly sealed and framed than conventional glass. This enables fewer drafts into the home while also preventing pressure buildup that could otherwise lead to structural damage.

Garage Door Replacement

Hurricanes can wreak havoc on homes, with damage not just coming from high winds but also flying debris and flooding. As a homeowner, it is your duty to ensure that your house is hurricane proof in order to limit risk and protect you and your family from potential disaster.

Your doors can become stronger by replacing them with impact rated ones, which have been tested to withstand higher levels of wind force and come equipped with additional protection measures like shutters. Furthermore, many impact-rated doors can even be reinforced for extra strength.

If your sliding glass doors lead out from your house to the outside, adding hurricane doors could improve their safety by creating more protective seals around them. Hurricane doors made from impact resistant glass can also be combined with shutters or panels placed outside to minimize air, rain and debris entering during a hurricane.

All these improvements may seem costly at first, but remember they are much less expensive than replacing belongings and structures that have been damaged by hurricanes. Therefore, investing in improvements is a worthwhile investment for any homeowner in Florida. To make them affordable homeowners may use home equity lines of credit or PACE financing.


If you live in an area prone to hurricanes and extreme weather, it’s essential that your home is ready for such threats. While it is not possible to completely protect it from hurricanes and other damaging storms, there are ways you can strengthen its ability to weather these destructive storms.

One of the best ways to hurricane proof your house is through regular yard work. This includes pruning trees and bushes as well as cutting back any dead branches that could come crashing down during a storm, clearing away debris or items in your yard that could become airborne during a hurricane, such as outdoor furniture, lawn tools or decorative pieces. You should also regularly clear your gutters of leaves or debris that could potentially get picked up by strong winds during a hurricane.

Hurricane-proof your home by hiring a contractor to install impact windows and reinforce doors to be more hurricane resistant. These upgrades will not only protect your property but will also increase its resale value and make it safer for you and your family to remain inside during a storm.

Consider replacing your home’s siding with fiber cement siding, as this material offers protection from hurricane-force winds, salt air and termites. Fiber cement roofing material can also provide new construction insulation benefits or repair damage caused by hurricanes. It’s an excellent option for new projects as well as replacing an existing roof damaged in a storm.

Finally, to minimize risk in flood zones it is wise to build your home on high points on the land if possible or elevate important systems to help mitigate water damage during a hurricane. Caulking any openings in your home with silicone sealant to stop rainwater entering and potentially creating mold or other serious structural damage; also check for wet spots and leaks around your home that you can repair or patch quickly to save both time and money in repairs post hurricane.

Storm Shutters

Hurricanes and tropical storms can do significant damage to your home. With adequate preparation and upgrades, however, you can protect both yourself and your property against costly repairs.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to hurricane proof your house is with storm shutters. These simple panels are available via Paradise Exteriors and cover your windows to provide extra protection from hurricane-level winds, typically made of durable metal or fiberglass. When chosen appropriately, they can even become an architectural upgrade for your property!

There are three primary categories of hurricane shutters: panel systems, accordion shutters and corrugated clear Lexan shutters. They all serve to protect homes from hurricanes but differ in cost and appearance. Panel systems offer an upgrade from plywood by coming in aluminum or steel for either direct mount or tracks and are usually folded away when not in use.

Corrugated clear Lexan shutters provide transparent hurricane protection that provides safety without limiting visibility during storms. They’re often fixed to the outside of homes and are an increasingly popular choice among homeowners who want to know what’s happening during a storm – an alternative to standard window treatments which don’t offer as much protection or allow light in during daylight hours.

Before investing in hurricane shutters, ensure they meet local building department and weather service regulations. You can do this by searching up their manufacturer on the National Weather Service website or reaching out to your building department in your area. Furthermore, some insurance providers reward homeowners who take steps to hurricane proof their homes with discounts on monthly premiums; now is an opportune time to invest in making sure your home is prepared.


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