The Automotive Service Advisor’s Guide to Giving Great Customer Service


As an automotive service advisor, it’s your job to make sure that each customer has the best experience possible, from beginning to end. You are their liaison between the car and its owner, and the owner and the shop’s mechanics and technicians. This can be daunting for anyone starting out in the auto repair industry, which is why it’s important to have as much information as possible about how to be an automotive service advisor who gives great customer service. That’s where this guide comes in!

Know How to Communicate Well

An automotive service advisor is a professional that works with customers and manages transactions at an automotive dealership. In order to be successful, they must have good communication skills. When speaking with a customer, they need to sound knowledgeable about the cars in question and use words that are appropriate for the customer. They also need to understand what their customer needs for them to feel satisfied. For example, a customer may want reliability or may want something that is flashy; it all depends on what the person looking for in a car wants. If a person wants something reliable then you would recommend one car over another; if the person wanted something flashy then you would show them some other cars instead of just one vehicle.

Know How to Handle Emotions and Confrontations

Knowing how to handle emotions and confrontations is vital for the automotive service advisor. Emotions will always run high in a business where the client deals with their vehicle as it is the only transportation they may have or in some cases, the client relies on their vehicle for work. Having patience and being able to speak openly are two qualities an automotive service advisor should possess in order to give great customer service. Here are some tips for keeping your cool:

– If you can tell your clients are feeling overwhelmed, stay calm and empathize with them by telling them we can get through this together.

– Let clients know exactly what will happen during service so there aren’t any surprises about charges or diagnoses.

Learn About Your Tools

As an automotive service advisor, you’ll be the first point of contact for your customers. It’s important that you have a good understanding of all the tools available to you so that you can create and maintain a great customer experience.

Your armorer is responsible for inspecting, lubricating, and maintaining all serviceable items on board your bus. In order to do this job well, he or she must know how to use every tool available at their disposal, including jack stands and hydraulic jacks. The basic rule of thumb is: if it has a handle, they should know how to use it!

A new component can make a car run poorly or not at all.

Keep Things Organized

Be prepared for the customer by having all necessary documentation for them to make a decision. Be on time, arrive early, and be professional – show up clean and always with a smile! It is best to follow your company protocol for every step of the process and give thorough explanations. If a customer leaf unsatisfied it might be because you skipped some details or glossed over something that should have been explained better.

Automotive Service Advisors are responsible for diagnosing, servicing, and repairing vehicles as needed. You might also keep parts in stock or dispense motor oil at certain stations according to the customer’s needs.

Don’t Take Things Personally

As an automotive service advisor, you’ll be interacting with customers every day. Your job is to not only make sure the vehicle leaves your facility in top condition, but also ensure that the customer has a pleasant experience at your shop. Here are some ways you can turn a tough interaction into a positive experience for both parties:

Take Responsibility Don’t take things personally. Most of the time when a customer feels slighted it has nothing to do with you personally; they just may be having a bad day or there may have been something that went wrong before they came in. They might have been treated rudely by another staff member or even someone on the phone who could care less about their needs.

Stay Up to Date with Technology

Don’t be afraid of technology! There are so many things you can do in a day using the Internet that we used to have to go into town and find out information on or use a phone book. I know, back in the day, we had no clue how much technology would change our lives for the better. Well let me show you how you can use technology as an automotive service advisor:

In order to provide great customer service as an automotive service advisor, you’re going to need access to cars. You don’t want your customers waiting around for rides when they pick up their vehicles at your dealership.

Auto car repair service center. Two mechanics – man and woman examining car engine

Listen, Listen, Listen!

Many customers come in with a list of problems, but the best thing an automotive service advisor can do is listen. When you’re listening, it gives you a better understanding of the customer’s needs and potential solutions. Then, by asking questions you can narrow down what might be needed based on the vehicle make and model. For example, do they notice any codes when they check their engine? Have there been any recalls that are affecting them? Regardless of whether your customer has been in before, as an automotive service advisor listening is still one of your top priorities because it puts your customer at ease and gives them confidence in their repair decisions.

Deal with Difficult Customers with Logic and Kindness

As an automotive service advisor, you will be responsible for helping customers who come in with a wide range of issues. It is important that you are prepared for all situations so that the customer feels confident in your abilities. Here are a few tips for dealing with difficult customers.

In order to deal with difficult customers and make them feel at ease, you should always be ready to listen and empathize with their situation. Logic can be helpful in these situations because it will help you guide the customer and provide them with the best solution possible. At the same time, kindness is also necessary when trying to resolve any customer issues as this shows that you care about them as a person.

Positive Attitude Goes a Long Way

It is important for an automotive service advisor to be understanding, patient, and helpful. As with any customer service job, a positive attitude will go a long way in maintaining your rapport with customers and ensuring that they enjoy the experience. Though the interactions may not always be pleasant- it is important for us to help them find solutions or work towards finding their solution.

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Spend Time on Personal Development (this is where you will learn how to become a successful entrepreneur).

Oftentimes, customers will come into your office looking for help with a mechanical problem. However, many other people come in with unrelated questions about things such as their tires or battery. Your ability to provide solid customer service is the most important thing you can do. To be successful in your position as an automotive service advisor, you need to make sure that you spend time on personal development so that you are fully prepared and knowledgeable on how to meet the needs of any customer who walks through your door. There are four principles that we use when helping our customers: empathy, mindfulness, humility and skilfulness.
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