Summer 2022 Trends to Lighten Up With


Summer is always associated with the scent of flowers. Perhaps, for this reason, the designers decided to include color styling. At the same time, options are allowed for both small flowers on a different background, and large drawings.

The color schemes for the next summer will be interesting. The main trends are in the combination of colors. Options can be different, they allow you to show individuality, emphasize the figure, and the originality of the image.

Bows with combinations will become especially popular:

  • Pink and orange;
  • Black and red;
  • Blue and pink;
  • Purple and red;
  • Yellow and red;
  • Beige and green.


In the wardrobe of girls, jeans are important, allowing you to create many images of different styles. trends is important to learn how to combine them correctly. High-waisted black jeans that go well with a lingerie-style top. From shoes, you can choose shoes with sparkles. If you put on a jacket made of leather-like a “leather jacket” on top, such a bow will look great at a party.

For a basic wardrobe, you need a few pairs of jeans. Skinnies are distinguished by a medium or high fit.

trends is preferable to have these jeans in black or blue in the basic wardrobe. With these shades, you can create the most options for images. trends is best to buy both colors.


A fashionable basic wardrobe for the summer of 2022 will not do without skirts. With such a versatile piece of clothing, you can create images for everyday work and festive events. Two main types should be included in the basic wardrobe – a pencil skirt and an A-line skirt of medium length.

It is better to choose a pencil skirt from knitwear or velvet. A leather skirt of this cut is not included in the list of basic things, because it is not considered universal. Color – beige or black. A black velvet pencil skirt with a white office blouse is a good choice. With the same skirt, a bright bodysuit with a deep neckline for a party will look good.

Tops And Blouses

On hot summer days, you cannot do without light blouses and tops. Designers offer original sleeves with a lush, spacious cut. An interesting option may be the multi-tiered shuttlecocks, the neck and shoulders may remain bare.

Stylists have a lot of ideas – ties, blouses with slits on the sleeves, loose shirts. Blouses can be worn completely sleeveless. They can be free cut or fitted. The neckline can be made small or open the neckline. Summer 2022 promises to be democratic.

Tops with thin straps have been popular for many years, in 2022 this model should not be removed far either. Some models of tops are quite reminiscent of a nightgown, decorated with embroidery. In color shades, you cannot limit yourself.


It is the accessories that give each bow sophistication, sophistication, and femininity. There should be several of them in the basic wardrobe:

  1. Watch. You should buy a silver watch with leather straps in white, brown, and black. Metal details of a silvery shade look stylish, they are better combined with all styles.
  2. A hat may not be purchased in the basic wardrobe, but if it suits the type of face, it should not be discarded. The color must be matched to the rest of the details and shoes.
  3. Glasses perfectly complement the image, giving style. The shape can be unusual with interesting details like Hexagonal RB3548 Sunglasses by Ray-Ban, but it is better to choose a frame not from plastic, but from metal.
  4. Large leather bags with a minimal set of accessories are a must-have this season. All fittings should be with a silver tint. But you cannot do without a small handbag made of leather or plastic. It can have an original shape, be decorated in various and interesting ways.

New looks with photo accessories will help to present the ideas of designers for the summer season of 2022.


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