Different Styles of Salwar Kameez


Meanwhile, there are a variety of styles of clothing these days. But even within a single style, there are many different options these days. Today, we are talking about the different traditional dress styles in Pakistan. Yes, you heard it right, we are talking about the salwar kameez styles trending now in fashion.

Further, the salwar kameez concept never gets out of fashion because of its elegant look. But it was simpler than now.

Additional Creativity 

However, with the increasing number of designers and the addition of new creative ideas, there are more than twenty different salwar kameez styles that you can wear as Eid dresses Pakistani or any other event.

It is impossible to cover all the styles in a single article, so we will discuss a few only. These are also our personal favorites.

Elegance And Style

Meanwhile, if you want to add class and elegance to your attire, the salwar kameez is one of the best options available. Moreover, it provides full coverage so that you are more comfortable than the other revealing styles.

Also, you can pair the salwar suit with some colorful kusa which will further look more traditional and eye-catchy.

Less Expensive

When compared to other styles of clothing, the salwar kameez is more affordable. Moreover, today plain suits are more trending in fashion. You can wear some minimal jewelry and look gorgeous because of the elegance of this traditional dressing.

Also, this does not require a lot of fabric while stitching. There are also many designers who are offering salwar kameez dresses at reasonable prices.

Thus, if you are looking for something good for your wardrobe, you can surely add a number of salwar suits in different styles. They will look elegant and are suitable to wear in many places. Starting from formal events, get together till weddings.

Now, let’s move toward the different styles that you can style your salwar kameez.

Patiala Salwar Suits

You might have seen many Punjabi movies with this attire, and you also might be a fan of this. Recently, this dressing style came into trend and looks fantastic on all body types. Usually, the shirt is a bit shorter, and the salwar has several layers, which makes it look a little fluffed up.

Further, if you want to style it for an event, you can opt for a bit of embroidery over the neckline and sleeves. Also, pair it with an elegant dupatta and jumkas.

This style of salwar kameez is always a yes for every physique.

Palazzo With Shirt

Meanwhile, these were more common for fancy attires but are now in style for casual dresses. There are plenty of designers that offer you palazzo and shirts for everyday wear.

Keep the shirt basic with a round or V-neck if your bottom is heavily designed. It enhances the overall appearance. A simple shirt will go well with the palazzo. Pair it with textured scarves or heavy neckpieces to accentuate the glam factor.

The width of the palazzo is more than the regular trousers. Also, they are not in the fitting, thus perfect to pair with summer attires. Further, it offers a unique appeal to your look. Also, you can wear a short as well as a long shirt with a palazzo. But we personally recommend wearing a short one as it looks pretty great and compliment your look.

Short Frock with Salwar

You might be familiar with the short frocks with tights. But here we are talking about salwar. Yes, you can also pair your Patiala salwar with a short frock these days. These are incredibly comfortable, and you will also look great at the same time.

Meanwhile, these are also used for wedding events such as dholki and Mayon. If you are someone who loves to create a new look each day. Then you surely need to try this style because it’s new and you would love it at the end of the day.

The color options are more vast than anyone can think of. Because not only plain solid colors are paired, but you can also go for contrast for your event. Moreover, these are also available in the readymade section of many designers. On the other hand, you can customize it according to your choice.

Jacket Style Suit

The jacket was in trend in the ’90s, but you know what fashion industry keeps on revolving. Thus, it keeps on bringing old fashion with new innovative ideas. So, today pairing a shalwar suit with a short jacket is the latest inspiration.

Similarly, these are also used for formal events but with a bit of embroidery or mirror work on the jacket. Also, you can see many celebrities wearing these short jacket salwar suits as they are eye-catchy for everyone.

Moreover, these types of salwar suits are also available to most of these designers. Also, the maria b Uk sale features these types of salwar suits that you can have a look at. Moreover, the designs are heartwarming, and you won’t be able to resist these because most of them look super cute and offer excellent stitching.


Above all, we have discussed here different styles of salwar suits. Also, they are suitable for all types of events, whether you want casual wear or for a festival. Further, they look more decent and elegant than other styles of dressing.

Meanwhile, if you want to keep things minimal and decent, then you can style one of the above, as these are some of the top styles which are trending these days.

This is the traditional dress of Pakistan which is not loved by Pakistani only. But it is pretty famous across the world. Many foreigners also love to wear the salwar kameez because of the grace and elegance it carries.

Also, if you are a student or a working woman and want to add classy outfits to your wardrobe, you can have various outfits styled in the ways mentioned above. We hope that you like our article.


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