Strikingly Review – Is Strikingly Right For Your Business?


If you need a mobile-friendly website, Strikingly is a great option. Using this platform is simple, and there are no extra steps needed. You can also add third-party apps or create coupons. However, you do not have much control over how the site looks, and it is not possible to customize custom fields. You can only customize your website’s look and feel; you cannot sell digital downloads or use UPS or Fedex shipping integration.

If you’re looking to start an online store, Strikingly is a great option. Its drag-and-drop editor and pre-designed pages make it easy to set up your site quickly and easily. For mobile-friendly sites, you can also enable Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on your custom domain. This increases the security of your website and gives visitors peace of mind.
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This is also important for Google ranking.

Another great feature of Strikingly is its ability to transfer your domain from other registrars.

This allows you to manage your website and domains in one place. This makes it easy to access your site from any device. In addition, Strikingly offers an SSL certificate for custom domains. This helps visitors feel more confident and improves your Google ranking. If you’re a business owner, this is a great tool to get you started.

You can use Strikingly to build an online store. It doesn’t include advanced features, but it does allow you to create an attractive, simple landing page for your website. The software is free, and you can transfer your domain to a different registrar if you like. It’s also possible to import your domain from another provider if you want to create a new website. The main disadvantage of Strikingly is that it isn’t drag-and-drop, but it’s very easy to customize.

Strikingly has a drag-and-drop feature.

It also allows you to modify the appearance of your page by dragging and dropping premade sections. The interface is user-friendly and allows you to easily add new blocks or sections to your site. While Strikingly is free, it is not a great choice for large businesses. For small businesses, Strikingly is a great choice for an online store. The drag-and-drop feature is useful for creating a landing page for a blog or an e-commerce site.

You can also add your own custom domains to your website. You can also transfer your domains from other registrars to Strikingly. It is important to note that Strikingly doesn’t offer drag-and-drop functionality, but it does offer the ability to add and remove sections of your site without rearranging them. You can create a landing page with as many pages as you want, and it will be easy to maintain.

You can add and edit sections to your website.

In Strikingly, you can add and remove sections of your website as you need. You can also customize the styles of your pages and add premade blocks and sections. In Strikingly, you can easily create a mobile-friendly website with a customized domain. Its features will make your visitors feel confident in your site, and you will increase your website’s search engine rankings.

Strikingly lets you manage your custom domains easily. The software lets you manage all your websites in one place, including the hosting and domains. You can also choose to enable Secure Sockets Layer for your custom domains. This feature allows visitors to access your site via HTTPS. Not only does this give your website more credibility, but it will also increase your Google ranking. It’s also very convenient to use, and the system is easy to learn.

The Strikingly free trial offers a 14-day free trial.

The program offers many templates and drag-and-drop editors. You can even upload your own custom domain name and choose a favicon. The service is affordable, and the free plan allows you to create a basic website. You can create an online store using Strikingly. It’s worth noting that Strikingly is an excellent one-page website builder.
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Strikingly has an interface that is easy to learn. It allows you to view and change the properties of objects. You can preview your site to see how your content will appear on the website. The platform’s help option is helpful if you get stuck. The Strikingly free trial gives you unlimited access to its features and is completely free. There are some areas of concern, however. It’s not a blogging platform, but it does support multi-page sites.


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