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Sometimes you know a specific date, earlier or later, that you can use to collect a PST file. But the question is how is this possible? Well, that means you are looking for split PST file by date. Here we will tell you a safe and secure solution in this blog. stay tuned till the end to know more.

Outlook data files or Microsoft Outlook .PST files (as they are known) can be created with Microsoft Outlook to move or copy email messages and attachments from the server mailbox account to your local PC. Basically, it’s a local file or archive file that you create to store emails and attachments on your computer’s hard drive, USB drive, or shared server (depending on where you created and stored them).

Alternative Solution to Split PST File by date

FreeViewer PST Splitter Tool is designed to split PST files and to avoid errors due to the large size of PST files. With its option to perform a split according to the date range, you can store your PST data for a desired time period separately. Outlook PST Splitter allows you to split PST files of any size into small parts. It is possible to split ANSI and Unicode PST files without data loss. In addition, this tool keeps the meta properties and formatting of the elements unchanged. This Utility is a standalone software as you don’t need to install MS Outlook on your device to split a large PST file into smaller parts. The tool is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to use and operate. Delivers desired instant results within minutes. It is compatible with MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013/2010, 2007, 2003, 2000.

Complete Stepwise Guide to Split PST File by Date

  • Download Split PST Software and Install the tool in your System
  • Click any option according to your needs: add File, add folders and search.
  • To do this, user can select split value by date and select date range(s) to split specific PST data files within specified date range
  • The system now displays summary of Split Information. Click Next to start the process of split PST
  • When using the button “Next”, the tool will start to to split PST file by date.

Amazing Features of This Software

  • Split Outlook PST Contacts, Calendars: You can use this tool to split all Outlook date items like emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, journals by date range.
  • File & Folder Order: This application can maintain accurate folder hierarchy of all files and folders and divide Outlook PST files by date or date range.
  • No Outlook Required: Users can split Outlook PST by date without installing Microsoft Outlook. It is a standalone software which can share files without Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, etc.
  • Support ANSI and UNICODE PST: – With this utility, you can easily decrypt ANSI and UNICODE PST files without any trouble.
  • Corrupt and Inaccessible PST: Using this utility, large corrupted PST files in Outlook can be easily split.
  • Password Protected PST Files: Users can also separate password protected PST files through this utility. Just enter the password associated with the PST file and the program will share the Outlook data file.


In this post, we have explained the complete way to split PST file by date. With the help of the User Split PST Wizard, you can easily split Outlook PST files. You can also try this software before investing any money.. The trial version gives users the advantage of easily dividing the PST file into only the first 50 items. But you cannot save your data through this trial version. For more details, you can easily contact a technical expert by clicking on the chat option. 


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