Shroud explains why he prefers to hold his ADS over toggling it in Valorant.


Shroud explains why he prefers to hold his ADS over toggling it in Valorant.
Are you unsure whether to toggle or hold your scope? Shroud Grzesiek is an expert on first-person shooters. 
He explained that “hold” for Marshall and Operator is “absolutely insane” in his recent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive stream.

Unlike other shooter games such as CSGO, Valorant’s ADS (aim downlight) is quite popular. Even primary rifles like Vandal and Phantom make use of the convenient feature. This leads to the debate whether toggle is better than standard hold. The small difference might not seem important on the surface, but many players claim that it has a significant impact on gameplay. 

Unlike rifles, shroud explains, scoped weapons like Marshall and Operator do have a major difference. Using the toggle feature, you can keep your weapon scoped in by setting a proper keybind. Using this feature, you can take as many shots as you need at any distance. The aim is sometimes degraded when holding an additional button in games such as Call of Duty. In Valorant, shroud said, clicking could be a more effective and quicker method. 

“Hold in, that Valorant is insane. AWPers who like to take an angle will really like it. In Marshall, it’s crazy,” shroud said. 

As the Valorant streamer demonstrated, holding the click was faster than toggling the scope setting. It took much longer for Marshall and Operator to toggle, whereas the hold mechanic looked much like CSGO’s AWP, which is often compared with Valorant’s less viable OP.

By holding Shroud valorant settings, players may feel more confident when shooting. Compared to toggle, quick-scope also leads to more kills. However, if you’re playing on larger maps like Breeze, keeping it toggle won’t hurt.

Primary AWPers can take advantage of this piece of information because every second counts when you are sniping in high-ranked games. In fast-paced games, many Valorant pros avoid using the toggle feature. 

In Valorant, how do I double my scope? 

Most players do not know that double-scoping with the Operator is possible in Valorant. Learn how to zoom in with the Operator. 

Go to your Valor settings

Navigate to the Controls

Select “Toggle zoom level” 

Choose a key closer to the fire button 

To double-focus, press the zoom key followed by the scope-in key (hold/toggle).

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