Series A – Live Broadcasts


Italian league broadcasts are the specialty of Eleven Sports. No other station currently has the television rights to broadcast Series A matches.

Where will I watch Series A meetings?

Eleven wanted to be exclusive and, like C +, focus more on one of the leagues. Italy, where many of our representatives perform, and the country have recently become more popular for Polish footballers. Series A commentators and experts in eleven are at the very top of their profession, which adds quality to the broadcasts. It is very good news for them that more and more Poles regularly appear in Series A, because it will increase the interest in this competition, and thus – the audience will increase. There is no doubt that this trend brings many benefits to Eleven Sports. Until the end of the 2020/2021 season for now, but if this connection is that good, we’ll probably see an extension of TV rights soon.

Ligue 1 live broadcasts

Ligue 1 used to be very popular among Polish fans. It was related to the native footballers playing in France, but also to an even level and fierce fight for the national championship. But since Paris Saint-Germain had mercilessly dominated the league, interest has plummeted.

Where will I watch the French league?

Now, however, the fashion for France is slowly returning, and the competition at the top of the table is helping the tournament regain its former attractiveness. Canal Plus took advantage of this, which from this season acquired the rights to 스포츠중계 Ligue 1. Eleven also followed in their footsteps. We undoubtedly rate this move as very good, because the French league belongs to the famous top 5 leagues in Europe. The strongest games should be able to show their matches regularly, so we are delighted to be able to watch Ligue 1 regularly on Canal plus Sport and Eleven Sports by the end of the 2023/2024 season.

Eredivisie – live broadcasts

Many football lovers enjoy watching the duels of Ajax Amsterdam, PSV Eindhoven or Feyenoord Rotterdam. Watching Eredivisie live may allow you to spot talented players before they are picked out by magnates from richer clubs

Where to watch Dutch league matches?

We can watch Eredivisie thanks to Hulk-TV Sport platforms. In addition to the main channel, we can also watch the Dutch league live on Hulk-TV Sport News and Hulk-TV Sport Extra. We will be able to follow the matches from the Dutch league until the end of the 2020/2021 season. In addition to Hulk-TV channels, we can also find Eredivisie broadcasts on bookmakers’ websites. We can easily bet and watch the matches we are interested in at the same time.

Liga NOS live broadcasts

Portuguese league broadcasts are a novelty on the Polish market. From the 2020/2021 season, we can watch Sporting, FC Porto, Benfica and many other Primeira Liga teams. The NOS league is not in the top league when it comes to European leagues, but it is just behind the top five. The attractive race for the title of Portuguese champion will certainly attract football fans in front of TV sets.


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