Selin Sakarcan On Why More People Should Be Motivated to Start Exercising 


It is all the more necessary for people to exercise and stay fit. It is hard for you to motivate people to work out daily, but you should keep on reminding them about fitness. You can start by being an example for them. 

Selin Sakarcan on invoking the desire to work out 

Selin Sakarcan is a widely respected and esteemed podiatric physician and foot and ankle surgeon from the USA. She is also an athlete and regularly runs the marathon. When it comes to health and exercise, you need to have the internal desire to work out, which arises when you see others working out. This is the biggest motivation you can give to others. 

When you can inspire others to exercise or work out, the next step for you is to set a goal for them, or if you have been self-motivated to work out, you should fix a plan that you can attain realistically. You can start this off by writing them down on paper or in a journal. It is prudent for you to have a written goal over a verbal one or a concept in your head, as you can always see it and mark your progress as you become healthier. 

Work out in groups to get more motivation

Individuals who aspire to become fit should begin to work out in small groups. This motivates newcomers, as they can be inspired to exercise by seeing others. Moreover, they seem more accountable for their progress, and by visiting others; they can stick to their own fitness goals. 

The workout routine 

The workout routine for your health and fitness goals should be realistic. You should not exceed your limits and allow yourself to get injured. If you are a newcomer to the fitness world, it is prudent for you to work out under the guidance of a personal trainer. You can either hire a personal trainer to come to your house or hire a professional at the gym. 

You need to have realistic expectations if you are endeavouring to lose weight. Many people believe that exercising alone will help them shed off the extra pounds. However, this is not true. You need to combine exercise with diet and food to lose weight. 

According to Selin Sakarcanyou should also stay hydrated when you are working out. Eat a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. In this way, you can lose weight and stay healthy. If you carry excess weight, you will exert pressure on your feet and ankles. This again will lead to foot pain. The right shoes are essential for exercise and training. Invest in sneakers from a good company so that your feet get the support they need and stay safe from pain and other injuries. Remember to change your shoes after the support becomes weak. Keep more than one pair to protect your feet and stay healthy. 


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