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My hunt for a newapartment for sale in Hyderabad brought me to Sattva Lakeridge, a magnificent development by the Sattva Group, as a professional banker with a strong eye for quality and luxury at an affordable price. It is evidence of the Group’s track record for developing some of India’s most sought-after properties. With its six spectacular towers, each providing state-of-the-art amenities on every level, Sattva Lakeridge stands out and offersproperties for sale in Hyderabad. The ‘Fern Tower’ epitomises comfort and convenience, with two incredibly spacious apartments per level and a private elevator.

Each apartment’s interior is a haven of unending delight, including ample space, wall-to-wall windows, breathtaking views, plush textures, and exquisite delicacy at every step. It is a daily treat to wake up to a magnificent lake view sunrise and look toward the horizon, where the sky meets land.

The area’s proximity to a lovely lake and peaceful lakeside walks enhances the luxury. Sattva LakeRidge is more than simply a house; it’s a way of life that inspires envy among friends and where champions retire. In Hyderabad’s Neopolis, this building genuinely redefines luxury living by offeringflats for sale in Hyderabad.

Sattva Lakeridge Amenities You’ll Love

The amazing selection of Sattva Lakeridge amenities accommodates various interests and lifestyles. 

  • While yoga aficionados can find peace in designated locations for practice, sports enthusiasts can compete in exhilarating contests on the squash and table tennis facilities. 
  • The project provides workplace spaces, ensuring convenience and efficiency for people looking to balance work and play.
  • Residents concerned about their health can use the well-stocked health club to maintain their exercise routine.
  • In the meantime, pool players can play a few games in the pool room. An on-site laundromat makes daily tasks easier and improves overall living comfort.
  • A multipurpose hall also gives residents a flexible location for different activities and meetings, fostering a sense of community. 
  • With a range of amenities, Sattva LakeRidge offers flats for sale in Hyderabad that can accommodate active and sedentary lifestyles, giving residents access to the conveniences that make daily life delightful.

Sattva Lakeridge Price: There are 3, 4, and 5 BHK apartments of approximately 2100 sq ft. to 5,500 sq ft., with a price of roughly 2.79 Crores to 8.07 Crores.

3 Reasons Why I Recommend Buying a Home In Sattva Lakeridge 

1. Location Advantages

Sattva Lakeridge provides a setting that expertly melds accessibility and convenience.

  • It’s merely a 10-minute drive—with good connectivity—from the busy Financial District and 20 minutes from Sattva Knowledge City.
  • The short 13-minute drive, or 5.6 kilometres, to the Waverock bus station, guarantees hassle-free transportation.
  • Continental Hospitals are conveniently located just 5.3 km, or 12 minutes, away for medical requirements. Children’s families will value how close The Future Kid’s School is—it’s only 6.7 kilometres, or 14 minutes away.
  • Sattva Lakeridge is a great option for individuals seeking a connected and practical lifestyle in Neopolis, Hyderabad. Pyr Shopping Complex and Daily Mart, both within 8–11 minutes, provide shopping and daily essentials.

2. Lifestyle at Sattva Lakeridge

At Sattva Lakeridge, luxury and peace coexist in perfect harmony. Residents take pleasure in expansive, tastefully decorated apartments with beautiful lake views. The project promotes an all-encompassing way of life with features like a clubhouse, sporting venues, and tranquil lakeside walks. You may enjoy peaceful moments by the lovely lake and breathtaking sunrises as you wake up. Sattva Lakeridge offers flats for sale in Hyderabad that accommodate many lifestyles, whether taking leisurely walks or participating in sports. A pleasant living environment is created where luxury and nature coexist.

3. Sattva Group’s Reputation

The 1993-founded Sattva Group is a mainstay of the Indian real estate sector. The pillars of leadership in knowledge, innovation, and trust support its foundation. By increasing its footprint nationwide, the company has become one of India’s most renowned real estate development and consulting groups. The Sattva Group’s journey has been characterised by a pioneering mentality, which has led to diversification across numerous business verticals.


This is my Sattva Lakeridge review, and I am honestly happy with my investment as a professional banker. It is one of the best properties for sale in Hyderabadthat offer high-end living at a reasonable cost. The large rooms, breathtaking lake views, and thoughtfully designed facilities exceeded my expectations. The project is a fantastic choice due to its advantageous location and tranquil surroundings at an affordable Sattva Lakeridge Price. Sattva Lakeridge provides a luxurious lifestyle without sacrificing the budget, making it a great investment for those looking for the best of both worlds.If you are searching for apartments for sale in Hyderabad, you must start the search by checking properties at


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