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Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III, Coby Cotton, and Rhett McLaughlin Net Worth

Listed below are some recent celebrities with high Rhett Mclaughlin Net Worth. These include Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III, Coby Cotton, and Rhett Mclaughlin. These individuals have a combined net worth of approximately $5 million. It is important to remember that these figures may not be complete and are subject to change. To discover the complete details of their net worth, read their wiki-bios.

Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III

Link Neal, 43, is an American television actor. He is the half of the comedy duo Rhett and Link. Born in Buies Creek, North Carolina, he earned eight million dollars from his work on the shows Rhett and Link, Good Mythical Morning, and The Mythical Show. He is also known for being a picky eater. He married his wife Christy in 2000 and has three children. Link is an avid fan of Rhett Mclaughlin and has appeared on several late-night shows.

Link has two older brothers and a younger sister. He is also married to Christy White, a former model. The two met at college and married in 2000. Link is 6 feet tall and enjoys camping and mountain bike riding. His net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 and growing. The couple has two children together, and one is a girl.

Link and Rhett Mclaughlin Net Worth have a podcast that ranks at number 14 on the US Comedy Charts. Their podcast has received multiple awards, including a Shorty Award for Best Podcast. In addition to their musical projects, Rhett and Link have appeared in various television shows. In 2007, they made a movie called “Coming to Town” and became a sensation, starring Matthew McConaughlin. Their movie won a Southern Lens Award and screened on PBS in South Carolina.

Rhett McLaughlin

Despite being based on the East Coast, Rhett Mclaughlin Net Worth has made his way to California. He and his partner have recently purchased multi-million dollar homes in the La Crescenta-Montrose area. His birthday is October 11th, and he’ll turn 45 years old this fall. His parents are Jim and Diane McLaughlin. Their net worth is estimate at $3.5 million.

He was born in Georgia and grew up in Buies Creek, North Carolina. His family moved to Thousand Oaks, California, when he was three years old. While at high school, he met his running mate Link and subsequently teamed up with him to write a screenplay for Gutless Wonders. Rhett also went on to study structural design at the North Carolina State University and graduated in December 2000.

After graduating from college, Rhett and Link started their YouTube channel. They began earning money through Google’s advertising platform. They also began doing sponsored ads within their videos. Their popularity grew so much, that they’ve even been feature on CNN, Forbes, and TMZ. They have also written two books. Rhett McLaughlin Net Worth

Rhett McLaughlin is 6 feet 7 inches tall and has a well-toned physique. He plays basketball and has a thick beard that he likes to maintain with his partner Link. The actor and his partner have even had two YouTube Premium series. They are the co-hosts of the popular YouTube show, Good Mythical Morning. McLaughlin’s net worth is estimate at $8 million.

Coby Cotton

After being roommates in college, Rhett and Coby Cotton met while studying at North Carolina State University. Both studied industrial and civil engineering, and they went on to create sketches and videos together for Cru. After a few years, they decided to combine their talents and start their own business. Today, Rhett and Coby have five YouTube channels, which are the source of a substantial amount of their net worth.

The pair started a YouTube channel, “Good Mythical Morning,” in 2012. The show features them conducting taste tests and hosting celebrity guests. Since its inception, the show has also expanded beyond video content to include television shows and merchandise. In 2019, they released a dark comedy novel, “The Good Lie,” and purchased a comedy YouTube channel for $10 million. Since then, the duo has been successful in creating a thriving online following.

The duo met in first grade in North Carolina, where they teamed up to make a film. In 2012, the duo was caught writing curse words on their desks, which leding to the name “Good Mythical Morning.” Later, the duo name their YouTube channel “Good Mythical Morning.” During this time, the pair was not allow to leave their school’s campus and had to stay inside the classroom. In exchange, they were given coloring books featuring legendary animals, which they continue to use today.


When he was growing up, Rhett and Link were roommates at North Carolina State University. Rhett studied Industrial Engineering, while Link majored in Civil Engineering. After graduating, both men worked at various big technology companies, but they were dissatisfies with their daily jobs. Rhett and Link decided to create a show about their experiences. Their debut video, Looking For Ms. Locklear, was a hit, and the duo secured a 22nd spot on the annual list of advertising’s most creative people.

Rhett McLaughlin is a father of one son, Locke Elijah. They met at Buies Elementary School. Both graduated from North Carolina State University with degrees in civil engineering. They were marrieds in 2011 and currently live in Burbank, California. Their sons, Cole and Rhett, are also famous. He is also a YouTube sensation, and his videos are widely-view.

After Rhett’s YouTube success, he was married to interior designer Jessie Lane. The couple met during a college activity in North Carolina. Although their paths crossed frequently, the relationship developed into a marriage. Jessie Lane was a college student who fell in love with the art of designing unique spaces at a young age. After getting married, the couple relocated to the west coast to pursue their careers in TV.


The Career of Rhett McLaughlin is a comedy series create by two American comedians: Rhett James and Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III. Together, they are known as “Internetainers,” and their YouTube show has over 40 million views. McLaughlin and Link first met while working at a college. They became friends and teamed up to produce the show, which quickly went viral.

After college, Rhett McLaughlin moved to a small town, Buies Creek, North Carolina, where his father was a law professor. He studied engineering at North Carolina State University. Rhett began a career on social media, uploading music videos, sketches, and even ridiculous commercials for local businesses. He soon became popular on the Internet, becoming a star in his own right.

Rhett married his wife Jessie Lane on 29 March 2001. Therefore couple has two sons and a Maltipoo named Lola. Rhett McLaughlin is known to be a crybaby and is very fond of wooden items. His wife has chosen not to appear on his social media accounts, and she has a quiet life. She is also an avid fan of YouTube.

After their YouTube feature, Rhett and Link carved out their web presence. Their video “The Facebook Song,” which had a record-breaking eight million views, became the most viewed video for several years. Rhett and Link recorded 11 hours of footage. They started the recording at 7:25 PM ET and ended it at 6:30am on Mt. Wilson. While the video is popular with viewers, it was the only Rhett video that became a hit.


In Rhett Mclaughlin: My Journey to a Christian Soul, we explore the evolution of his faith. Growing up in a Christian community in the Bible Belt, Rhett was taught that evolution is not real. This knowledge threw him off track. His doubts about his faith led him to search for other sources of truth. After a long struggle, Rhett finally accepted that he was wrong about evolution.

His first encounter with Christianity was in the Bible Belt, where he was raise in a Christ-Haunted environment. But his wife, Jessie, started taking Bible classes and studied under the agnostic biblical scholar Bart Ehrman. Ehrman’s work challenge the Bible’s orthodoxy and raise many questions that were previously unanswere. In addition, Rhett and Link didn’t promote Christianity on their show, so their fans were left confuse as to which version of Christianity they believe was true.

After reading a book, Rhett began to realize the error of his beliefs. He decided to adopt a Young Earth Creationist view, which believes the universe is between 6,000 and 10,000 years old. He expressed frustration with Christians who subscribe to this view, saying that it dismisses science and ignores evidence that suggests the universe is older than 6,000 years. However, this view is widespread among Christians.


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