Relish The Rainy Weather with Resistant Shoes


The most frustrating thing is when you have to go outside in the rainy weather but you do not want to spoil your favourite shoes. The mud and water splash can deteriorate the delicate fabric of your shoes and in case you are having a leather shoe, it will cause tearing of the leather surface.

Although we have cleaner Dubai that offers dry cleaning services Dubai to make your shoes fresh and clean still there are chances of damage to the sensitive shoes. There are many varieties of that you can wear in the rainy season. These are resistant to water splash, mud, soil and harsh weather. Let’s discuss some of the trendy shoe styles that perfectly suit the weather conditions.


The sip on jelly sandals is the most stylish when you need to go out in rain. Choose these jelly shoes which are water-resistant and do not get damaged when coming in contact with the soil or mud. These will give a cute and stylish look to your foot with a relaxing and comfortable walk. You can wear these jelly in the rainy season with a frock, shorts, jeans, and other stuff.

Gummy boots

Just like jelly , these gumboots are more likely to use in the wet or rainy season. While wearing these , you can protect your foot from getting dirty and wet in unfavourable weather conditions. They will never sock the moisture outside thus keeping your feet dry and clean. These come in different colours and heights to make you feel classy.

Washable sneakers

Sometimes you have to wear proper shoes to go out despite the weather conditions. In this case, you can wear your sneakers go out and have a fun time. After getting back you do not have to worry about the dirty look and unhygienic condition of your because the dry-cleaning services in Dubai will take that responsibility. You can have sneakers in different styles and patterns.

Sandals with straps

To give a comfortable and classy look to your feet, you can opt for these sandals with straps. They are easy to wear and manage and are resistant to wear and tear. It will protect you from getting slipped in the wet weather with a tight grip. In case you got your sandals dirty, you can easily wash them or go for a shoes cleaner Dubai. There are different colours and designs of such sandals on the market.

Flip flop

There are flip flop that are the best choice to go out in rainy weather. These are easy to wear and comfortable.
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You can simply wash them with fresh water. There is no worry of getting your . There are various attractive colours and styles of these flip flop shoes.


After the whole year, there is a season when your footwear gets beaten. Crossing the mud in the streets and passing through the water splash will rupture the surface of the leather or other fabric of your delicate shoes. Although you can have dry cleaning services in Dubai to wash them and have shoe cleaners in Dubai to keep your fresh, they will not make your shoes brand new after getting through such harsh weather. Make a better choice for resistant and environmentally friendly .


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