Rejuvenate Overall Look by Styling Moonstone Jewelry


Moonstone is an organic crystal mineral that intakes energy from the moon, which symbolizes passive and relaxing power. The Moonstone gemstone silver jewelry encourages positive well-being and balance and increases your intuition.

The fragile beauty of Moonstone and its long-established historical presence; makes it perhaps the most familiar gem-quality member of the feldspar group. Feldspars are the most comprehensive minerals in the earth’s crust and some of the most diverse. Globally, Moonstone gets prized for its blue to dazzling white light resembling with actual light of the moon.

The sparkling white Stone is composed of sodium potassium aluminum silicate and has a pearl opalescent look. Moonstone is translucent and present in colors of white and grey but also orange, green, blue, pink, and rainbow. Moonstone Meaning signifies feminine energy and new beginnings. Moonstone has been highly regarded in Eastern cultures for generations as a mark of good luck; because of its glossy, light appearance.

Surround yourself with the energy of the moon by using Moonstone. The polished tumbled stones are believed to be the crystals of destiny and claimed to embrace good fortune, enhance intuition and promote inspiration.

Ancient Presence of Moonstone

Since the beginning of the time, Moonstone truly personifies the moon magic. People and old-age emperors wore charming Moonstone as an amulet of the safety of travelers, a gift for lovers, a channel of revelation, and a path of wisdom.
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The premium quality moonstone is found in India and Sri Lanka.
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Moonstone was used as ornaments in old-age Greek and Roman civilizations and closely bonded to lunar spirituality and deities, feminine energy, and even fertility. Sometimes called hecatolite, Moonstone is found worldwide from the U.S. to Australia, Madagascar to the Australian Alps.

Top or ideal quality Moonstone is crucially colorless with a slightly blue shine and translucent quality; its varieties range from gray to green, brown, pink, green, and even rainbow. Glossy Moonstone is a birthstone for June born, and it enables the wearer to shine just like the moon. As primeval of the moon, the Moonstone holds the power of mystery.

June’s birthstone’s secrets lock beneath a pearly veil, and your hidden truths are with them. Whenever people look at the moon, they somehow pause to look inside themselves. People only praise the moon’s reflected light; then only they start to see what it has to teach them. Artisans of the arts and crafts era applauded it, as they used it in handcrafted silver items.

Qualities And Advantages of Moonstone

Moonstone crystal balances the emotions increase fascination, enhances focus, and corresponds to life cycles. In short, the alluring white sheen real moonstone promotes mental clarity.

Increase connection to the sacred feminine, enhance feelings of nurturing, spiritual curiosity, and surrender with acceptance and patience. Moonstone helps you experience the freedom found by giving your wild side and following your passions.

Many people also believe that Moonstone is the stone of destiny. However, June birthstone is an Air element stone and incorporates a delicate breeze’s peaceful and cleansing energies.

Moonstone is associated with a third eye and Crown Chakras. It is strengthening Moonstone due to its connection with the female energy. Calming the mind and spirit aids you to get welcoming towards new possibilities.

Moonstone crystals can intertwine one’s spirit to the higher echelons of the universe. Sparkling white gemstone boosts inner growth and strength. Moonstone soothes the feelings of stress and instability when moving on to new ventures. June birthstone extends support by its amazing energy promoting success and good fortune.

Enhance Look By Styling Moonstone Jewelry

The most breathtakingly beautiful gemstone ornament out there is undoubtedly the Moonstone ring. Trending for its elegant sheen and beautiful textures, the Moonstone is famous for rustic styles such as hippies or chic and minimalist styles.

Visually authentic Moonstone jewelry features the picture of moonlight falling on crystal clear water and gives a very soothing feeling. The stunning shine of Moonstone makes it unique from the rest of the gemstones, and when light scatters on it, its beauty gets multiplied in manifolds. One should wear a Moonstone necklace to get empowered at cognitive and consciousness levels. Look ravishing n every kind of ensemble by wearing beautiful Moonstone earrings. Aesthetically pleasing gemstone wards of all kinds of negativity of the wearer.

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