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People in Siolim, India, who suffer from depression, stress and anxiety, are rarely treated properly. Doctors and nurses in this remote fishing and farming village mainly focus on physical ailments. Most of them give priority to children with diarrhea, the elderly with heart problems and workers with injuries. In the same way, local residents are afraid to be seen as having mental problems related to it. They fear abuse by family and friends. It ended up in him suffering in silence and adding to his misery.

In 2007, two experts visited the city. Their main purpose is to identify people with anxiety and depression. It was amazing how busy the doctor was during the days and weeks. Dr. A.S. Anil Umraskar, the official, said that a large number of people had formed a “huge crowd” at the clinic. More and more patients with high levels of depression, anxiety and depression are coming back every day click here health news.

They concluded that the majority of Indians with moderate to severe mental illness were never treated. Studies have revealed that 80% to 90% of people suffering from high levels of anxiety and depression do not receive adequate treatment. That’s when Dr. Vikram Patel, a psychiatrist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who founded the Siolim Project. Until now, the clinic was the first to treat the mood and the mentality of the local people. It has demonstrated its potential to transform health crises in other developing countries.

But instead of doctors, the program trains ordinary people to recognize the symptoms of depression and to treat people in a state of depression. With a population of over one billion people in India, it would take a lot of money to recruit more psychiatrists to deal with stress issues. They don’t have 4000 specialists across the country. Dr. A.S. Greg E. Simon, a researcher at the Center for Health Studies in Seattle, praised Dr. Patel. He said: “What he does is very interesting and interesting.”

Workers say stress and depression are just as common among the wealthy. Poor people in poor countries experience similar emotional turmoil and anxiety is no longer considered a Western affliction.

Most of these poor patients present with various causes. Medha Upadhye, 29, one of the councillors, said: “There are financial problems and interpersonal conflicts.


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