Psychometric Tests: Types, Advantages, and More!


In today’s time, psychometric tests play a fundamental role in hiring. It enables the employers to delve deep into a candidate’s behavior, values, and levels of intelligence, thereby helping them make informed decisions.

What are Psychometric Tests?

A psychometric test quintessentially assesses one’s cognitive skills and abilities, which give more profound insights into their personality. Initially, people Used it for high-profile management positions and military services. It amalgams the psyche (mind) and metric (about measurement). It is a common term Used to appraise human behavior and thought processes. Psychometric tests facilitate the potential employers to select candidates in an unbiased manner by conducting exhaustive analyses. These tests give a fair estimation of a candidate’s ability to adapt, workplace behavior, and capability to succeed in a role. Psychometric tests at LauchMyCareer help to judge a candidate on these categories-

  • Behavior
  • Aptitude
  • Personality
  • Emotional intelligence

Types of Psychometric Tests

Behavior testing

  • Understanding a candidate’s behavior is of paramount importance as it helps the employers to understand their preferred communication style, team spirit, ability to handle challenges and setbacks, etc.
  • It is vital to gauge the areas of development, maximize engagement, and determine whether the candidate is a good fit for the organization.

Aptitude testing

  • These tests are to assess the candidate’s cognitive skills.
  • Verbal – Delves into an individual’s understanding and comprehension skills, written extracts, etc. It has an MCQ format generally.
  • Numerical – Explores how a candidate works with numbers.
  • Logical – Tests one’s capability to think rationally and logically.
  • Inductive – Gauges one’s competence to think methodically with the help of graphic sequences.
  • Error checking – involves the identification of an error within the provided information.
  • Diagrammatic – Explore a candidate’s problem-solving skills.

Personality testing

  • These tests primarily explore a candidate’s interests, values, behavior, motivations, etc.
  • It is also crucial in identifying leadership potential by exploring a candidate’s personality traits.
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  • It is crucial as it provides an idea of how the candidate will gel with the ethos of the organization.

Emotional intelligence testing

  • A person with high emotional intelligence is better suited to recognize his emotions and peers.
  • Employers can quickly gauge how efficiently candidates can communicate with their colleagues in the workspace. It is also instrumental in deciding if there will be a well-rounded cultural fit.
  • Emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in leadership and effective management.

Benefits of Psychometric Tests

  1. Unbiased approach
  • It eliminates room for favoritism or biases.
  • It addresses various errors in interviewing methods like recency effect, halo effect, subjectivity, etc.
  1. Precise and befitting
  • The results generated are reliable, solid, and not discriminatory.
  • The outcome is more reliable and appropriate than the results of only interviews or reference checks.
  1. Saves cost and time
  • Companies suffer huge losses due to the high turnover rates, non-performance of the employees, etc. Psychometric tests play a significant role in reducing this cost by weeding out the unsuitable candidates and saving money in the long run.
  • These tests are mostly done online, which results in lesser chances of human error and speedy screening of candidates. These, in turn, save valuable time for the recruiters.
  1. Reveals motives and creates self-awareness
  • These tests are informative and showcase an individual’s actual motive. By incorporating the various insights, employers can plan incentive schemes, development programs, etc.
  • It provides deep insights into one’s strengths and areas of development which prove beneficial for candidates and help them excel in their workspace.

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  1. Pick the right person by understanding the candidates
  • It is effective in picking individuals with the required skill-set by analyzing their working style, abilities, and zeal.
  • Employers gauge the candidates based on these tests. For example, they get an idea of how the potential employee would work under stressful situations, whether they are a team player, etc.

Important points to note while preparing for the psychometric test

  • It is essential to understand what a psychometric test is.
  • One must research various types of psychometric assessments.
  • Candidates must rigorously prepare with practice tests.
  • Mental preparation is a must.
  • Candidates must understand the personality set or skills required for the job.


Psychometric tests are the pillar based on which one’s selection process rests. By acing these tests, one can quickly gain a competitive edge over other candidates. One must be honest while answering the questions and prepare judiciously.


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