9 easiest ways to protect your car from heat and sun


The sun can wreak havoc on cars if left outside in the heat for an extended time. When a vehicle is left in the heat, the temperature of the outer surface can reach up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit and the interior up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat damages the dashboards, seats, exterior finishes, and potentially causes multiple damages on your car. You all are aware of the damages of car post accidents, but the damage to the exterior surface due to the sun also negatively impacts and deteriorates the quality of your car. The high temperature during summer can raise the intensity of heat which badly affects the outer shine of your car.  Using paint protection film is one of the effective ways to protect your car from harmful UV rays and sun damage. Apart from this, there are other ways as well. They are as follows  

For exterior protection 

Wash and clean your car regularly

Sun and heat can fade and crack your car’s exterior. Frequent washing of cars will eliminate dust, debris, dead bugs, and all the harmful particles that can cause your paint to fade. Cleaning your car regularly will surely protect protection film from the sun no matter how hot protection film is outside.  

Apply waxes and paint protection on your car 

Waxing your car adds a layer of protection along with a brighter look and shine. This layer protects your car from harmful ultraviolet rays. Applying wax and sealants will add a covering to protect your car’s paint from sun, heat, and other elements. 

Wax solely can’t shield your car’s exterior from hot weather above 42 degrees celsius. For such circumstances, getting a layer of paint coating done twice a year will keep your car’s exterior intact and maintain its shine. 

Use windshield sun protector 

Windshield sun protectors are quite affordable and helpful. These do not allow sun rays to damage the quality of your glass and keep the shine intact. 

Park your car in the shade 

This is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to protect your car from harmful UV rays. Try keeping your car in a covered area or garage, if it is not available then park it somewhere where sunlight is not easily reachable. Lastly, cover your car with a cloth if you do not find an appropriate parking space.    

For interior protection 

Use dash covers 

Dash covers prevent UV rays from hitting your dash and also protect the plastic from cracking. These covers are designed to permanently protect your car’s dash. If you frequently drive through sunny areas, dash covers will reduce the intensity of UV damage that happens due to exposure to the sun.    

Install seat covers 

Whether your seat is made of fabric or leather, add car seat covers to protect the seat material. Ensure that the covers you choose are manufactured for your car’s model, in the same year and perfectly fits your car. These covers come in a variety of materials and colors which means you can choose them as per your personal preferences.  

Use leather conditioners 

If your car has leather seats, use a leather conditioner to protect them from cracking. Conditioners extend leather’s life by renewing the natural oils found inside. Applying it regularly to your car covers will be favorable.  

Apply tint on your car windows 

Window tints block harmful UV rays and protect your car’s upholstery. These tint films also provide privacy and do not allow any outsider to peep inside.  Tint films are available in a variety of materials today.  

Use sun-blinds

Sunblinds help in keeping the car’s interior cool as it prevents the harmful rays from damaging the plastic and upholstery. Try using sun blinds in front and rear windows to maintain the temperature inside the car. 

These are some of the tips for the protection of the interior and exterior of your car. These advancements have made it very convenient to retain your car’s quality. These tips will not only extend your car’s life but maintain its quality along with saving your money for costly repairs.   


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