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Pros of Debt Counselling


Debt counselling can be an alternative to processes like administration and sequestration, when defaulting on your debt. Many people are uninformed in what the advantages and cons are when it comes to the debt review process.
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Terms like debt consolidation, debt settlement, undergoing counselling can all seem confusing or overwhelming. With a variety of options out there to choose from, it can be a daunting task considering what is going to be your best option for your accumulating debt.

Help-U Debt Counsellors is the largest operating registered debt counsellor in the Free State area. Recently they also introduced services in both administration and sequestration, enabling us to assist you with any type of debt.

It is essential to get financial matters back on the right track and you simply need to know from the start what debt counselling is in order to decide if it is for you. Whether you participate in the process of debt counselling or not, it is always beneficial to understand the standard of your debt as it can mean the difference between keeping a roof over your mind or not.

What is debt counselling?
Debt counselling is a key component of debt rehabilitation and is a crucial term in your debt review process. Debt counselling is supposed to assist over-indebted consumers experiencing debt through budget advice, negotiation with credit providers for reduced payments, and restructuring of debts.

Over-indebtedness occurs when a consumer is struggling to repay all financial obligations regularly and/or where total debt repayments exceed net income after living expenses have been purchased.

The pros of debt counselling
Your assets are safe and legal action is prevented
Debt counselling is the key process that determines whether you qualify for debt review or not. This period offers safety from credit providers pending a debt counsellor’s investigation as to whether you can be deemed officially over-indebted. If your debt counsellor has completed an assessment and has reached a conclusion a consumer are not able to meet his/her debt commitments at the finish of an month, that person is deemed over-indebted.

No permanent record will be kept
As soon as you are deemed over-indebted therefore you officially be eligible for debt review, this information is listed on your credit record, but as soon as you complete the procedure, this listing is removed from every consumer credit bureau database. You aren’t blacklisted if you decide to do complete the complete debt review process, you exit with a clear name and are able to apply for new credit.

Repaying your debt is simplified with only 1 monthly payment
Once the counselling has been completed and a repayment plan is submitted to the Payment Distribution Agency, you will only need to produce a monthly payment to the Agency who will then repay credit providers on your behalf.

Your living expenses will be covered
The counsellor negotiates with creditors in your stead and in order to do so, your debt counsellor must have a thorough knowledge of your bills. As part of the repayment agreement with creditors, you will see funds set aside from your salary to pay your living expenses.

Professional debt counsellors will get you further with credit providers
You might try to tackle your piling debt alone and negotiate with credit providers, but it might do more harm than good. For anybody who is declared as being over-indebted during the counselling process, you will be protected from credit providers taking legal action against you, making certain you do not get further legal action against you.

You will learn to manage your personal finances better
Sitting down with a debt counsellor and being advised by a trained professional on how to effectively deal with your financial situation will show you how to budget more efficiently. Having undergone counselling, you may handle future financial decisions better.

Debt counselling protects you from overzealous interest on debt
Debt counselling curtails the amount of interest a credit provider can charge on an account that’s in arrears. The NCA even provides an extension on the rule by limiting not only the interest, but all the costs a credit provider might add onto the money you owe.

When you are in debt counselling, creditors cannot take action against you
There is no long term record of having undergone debt counselling
There is merely one monthly repayment to be made
Your budget will meet your basic needs first before provision is made for debts
You will never pay more money than you can reasonably afford
A debt counsellor will suggest means of cutting costs and saving money
You will no longer get calls from your creditors demanding payment


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