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Building a house is not an easy task. There are many nuances to be aware of. In this article, we will talk in detail about the doorway: what stages PRIVATE HOUSE lives from the project stage to the final finishing stage, how to determine the size of the opening and the front door, and what are the features of installing a door to a private house.

Doorway in house design

In order for the subsequent installation of the door and its operation to be quick and easy, even at the design stage:

  1. Decide on the design of the house – how and from what you will build it.
  2. Decide where the door will be located. What size will the visor be? What size will the porch be?
  3. Calculate the dimensions of the doorway and door leaf.
  4. Find out which door you will need – non-standard or regular.
  5. Choose where the front door will open: in or out, left or right.
  6. Think about who and how will install the front door.
  7. Decide how the opening will be trimmed.

Openings in different designs of private houses

At the planning stage, you need to answer the main question – how and from what you will build your house. This topic is important not only for laying the doorway, but for the entire construction as a whole.

Frame house

A frame house is a building, which is based on a large hollow frame made of wood. It is filled with insulation. In modern frame housing construction, crossbars or headers are used to equip doorways.

Header – a powerful bar that acts as a jumper at the top of the opening. Needed to redirect the total voltage transmitted by the wall and roof.

The crossbar has a simpler design, fewer additional elements. This element is located under the upper trim of the frame on the edge along the entire length of the wall.

When erecting frame-type houses, vertical supports are installed with a standard step of up to 1 m. The average width of the doorway is 90 cm.

Frame buildings can have significant gaps in doorways. In such situations, they must be reduced. For this procedure, a regular board or plywood is suitable. It is installed on top of the doorway and on the sides of the structure. In this way, the necessary gap between the opening and the box is achieved – no more than 2 cm (ideally 10-15 mm).

Frames practically do not shrink, so doors can be installed in them immediately after the construction of the frame, before the external and internal thermal insulation of the walls is completed.

Brick house

As in other structures, in a brick house it is easiest to lay an opening at the construction stage. So you can not be afraid that the wiring will be affected or communications will be broken.

The opening in a brick house begins to be mounted after two rows of masonry. These parameters can be adjusted depending on the height of the building. It is better if the opening is located closer to the center of the wall – this will evenly distribute the load on the structure.

Cutting a hole in brickwork? Do not forget to strengthen the wall with a special lintel made of wood or reinforced concrete.

Timber house

A characteristic feature of a house made of timber is a long shrinkage. It can run for 3 years. The process is explained by the natural drying of wood and depends on the thickness of the wall and the moisture content of the timber.

Therefore, to install an entrance door to a log house, it is necessary to organize a casing structure – a wooden box installed in log and log houses around the entire inner perimeter of window and indoor openings. Such a reinforcing structure prevents distortions and strengthens the crowns of the frame in the places of openings.

During installation, it is necessary to ensure that the mounting foam does not connect the casing to the wall. Otherwise, the casing structure will not be able to lower along with the shrinkage of the house.Read also about:carpet in dubai

What size should the opening be?

A properly designed doorway allows you to quickly and without complications mount the front door. Therefore, it is important to calculate its parameters in advance, taking into account the errors.

The size of the opening is affected by:

  • Number of door leaves
  • Their parameters
  • threshold height
  • Box thickness
  • Decoration Materials.

If a doorway with a luxurious three-meter door is not your conscious decision to emphasize the design of the facade, opt for standard sizes. A non-standard opening will require subsequent refinement or ordering a non-standard front door, which means additional costs and waiting time.

Standard parameters of entrance doors:

  • Width from 900 to 1200 mm (single-leaf designs)
  • Height from 2100 to 2350 mm.

How to measure a doorway?

Before installing the front door, you need to correctly measure the opening. If you take the wrong calculations, you will have to finalize the opening.

Using a tape measure, measure the width and height of the opening at three different points, measure the depth of the opening. Take all dimensions, as the wall difference is often invisible visually, but subsequently the purchased door will not fit correctly into the doorway.

And if you are afraid to make a mistake in measurements, entrust this matter to a professional. Given the material and features of the opening, the measurer will help you choose the right door size.

Features of installing doors in a private house

Arch doors take on the blow of bad weather: they must endure precipitation, not be afraid of the hot sun and frost. Therefore, it is especially important that the front door is installed as tightly as possible.

Let’s fix

  • Think in advance what kind of door you need – the number of leaves, the opening side and size.
  • Different designs of houses have certain features that should be considered during the construction of the doorway and the installation of the door.
  • Before installing the front door, it is necessary to measure the opening correctly. The dimensions of the opening should be 10-15 mm on one side larger than the door leaf.
  • For a street door, a special “warm” installation is required.


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