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The early learning of a child begins at a Preschool Preschool School is the first time they stay away from their home’s comfort zone. Small children learn quickly by observing and playing. So a Preschool is an institution which makes them feel safe and loved while they learn by having fun-filled activities.

Preschool gives them those unique opportunities that interest them, building a positive connection with learning. Preschool helps in developing a child’s emotional, social and personal development. In Preschool, a child gets complete exposure to youngsters of the same age group. Preschool School is this place where the teachers help to enhance their communication and social skills.

Children at this young age need their skills and essential learning while they stay away from their parents. To meet the demands of essential elementary learning with fun, you must ensure they study in the best Preschool in Gurgaon. The Shri Ram Early Years, the best preschool, offer a wide range of activities to help children acquire all the necessary academic and social skills that can help in their years of higher learning. We aim to cultivate the internal senses of the child and encourage overall growth.

The early years are essential in mental development, and enrolling your child in a Preschool will help nurture their growth and habits.

How Does a Preschool School Shapes A Child’s Learning Abilities?

  1. A Preschool assists the child in being on an appropriate path. Young children learn while playing. A preschool is where they get all the exciting opportunities and build an association with early learning. Preschools assist in their mental process through active thinking and brainstorming via storytelling, colouring, and dancing.
  2. A preschool is a place where a child discovers a whole new world. Children spend time with other children, and this socialising gives plenty of opportunities to make friends, cooperate and build conversation skills. Teachers help them with their behavioural issues and assist them with problem-solving skills.
  3. Preschool prepares a kid for his future academics. The youngsters gradually adapt to a new environment away from the safety and security of home; this helps them prepare for the new atmosphere for the next level of the learning stage without becoming anxious. A Preschool slowly becomes the second home of the child where they familiarise themselves with the new environment with other children, teachers and staff.
  4. Preschools play an essential role in imparting the kids the benefits of self-esteem by learning to recognize the importance of their names. A preschool makes them learn new objects and new words, which aids them in their pronunciation and vocabulary.
  5. A Preschool follows a daily routine which helps a youngster learn the importance of time management. Preschools impart discipline and punctuality, which they learn when they reach school on time, along with playing and eating. Preschools enlist different activities like colouring, singing, dancing, and practising yoga every week, which makes them learn the value of time and schedule.
  6. Children learn language skills during their years of Preschool. Teachers try to develop language skills by introducing new words during activities by showing them real things. This helps them to recognize and learn things quickly. Youngsters develop listening abilities as teachers read story books and enact the stories’ characters. This enables them to develop their communication skills effectively.
  7. Early school focuses on developing a sense of responsibility in the child. Preschool teachers teach them about cleanliness, like washing their hands, using napkins, keeping their personal belongings in cubbies, and putting the toys back in their spaces.

           Youngsters learn to take care of each other and share their toys.

  1. Mathematics is important. Preschool activities are designed to develop physical coordination and fine motor skills. Children learn the fine control of their little fingers, which involve threading with beads, drawing, or paper pasting. A preschool is a place where high-quality education programs are offered to the children to develop their skills. They will emerge strong with a strong foundation of pre-literacy, cognition, and maths skills.

A Little About Us :

TSEY offers an introductory platform for young learners. Our focus is on fundamental academic instructions where children have concrete experiences with patterns, counting objects, learning about shapes, and developing letter recognition and sound skills. Art and music provide joy and creativity.


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