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You also feel this thing, that the type of relationship which the brother and sister have between each other, that type of relationship any other person is going to have with anyone. You have seen that brothers are always ready to do that thing, which can make their sister shout hard in fear, which can make their sister scared, or ready to do that thing also, which can make their sister scared as well. You also make your sister scared, fool or any other thing. but at the same time you want to see her happy and make her happy with gifts. Peter and Paul’s Gifts shop provides you with the best gift collection ever which is completely within your range. So for this thing, you need the idea of a prank, which you can pull over on your sister. Because the prank is a thing, which is always going to be that thing, which gives a lot of happiness, not only to you but also to that person also on whom the prank is going to pull. You want to prank your sister, but you don’t have that prank idea that you can use. But you don’t need to be sad, because you are going to get help from here. That means you are going to get the idea of a prank from here, which you can easily pull on your sister. So you see the prank idea and be ready to pull Prank on sister with bloomsvilla gifts on your sister. 

Healthy twist 
You can buy chicken wings from KFC or Macdonald’s, the bucket which you are buying from that bucket is full of chicken wings. But what you can do for your sister, you can remove all the chicken wings from the bucket, and you can fill the full bucket with that carrot and healthy food. You can do online rakhi shopping just as you do a healthy twist. You just think that when someone is expecting that, she is going to eat the chicken wings, but the person gets to eat the carrot, then what the mood of that person is going to be. So this healthy twist prank on your sister is a thing, which is going to give a lot of pleasure to you when you are going to see the disappointed face of your sister. 

Food color in toothpaste

You may get to know about this thing, that people are less active in the morning compared to other times of the day. If you want to pull a prank on your sister, then you can add the food color to the toothpaste. So when your sister brushes her teeth, then the color of her teeth is going to change, because of the food color which you have added to the toothpaste. You can add that color to the toothpaste, which is your sister’s favorite color. So you can pull this food color in a toothpaste prank on your sister, which is going to make your sister shocked and sad. 

Stick her with food 

You just think you wake up in the morning, and you find that all your face is filled with food items, and you are not able to find how your face is filled with food. You can get the food from an online store, and you can get online gift delivery. The same type of thing, you can do with your sister also. So what do you have to do, you just have to wait for the time when your sister gets to sleep. After your sister gets to sleep, then you can add bread, cheese and another type of food to your sister’s face. So you can pull this stick on her with a food prank on your sister also. 

Mess with logins 
Everyone in this modern world loves to see movies, web series and others, not on the television, or in movie theatres, but on online platforms. The online platform has become a thing, which everyone loves to see shows on. So what you can do with it, you can mess up the logins of the account your sister used to see on the online streaming platform. Your sister is not able to find her login details, and this thing is going to make her tense. So this mess with logins is a prank also, which you can pull on your sister. 

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Your happy face tells the story of how much you are excited about using these prank ideas and making that of your sister with them. Your sister is going to think, that how you get these super prank ideas, that you pull on her. So if you want your sister to think about your prank idea, and you enjoy the fun after doing the prank on your sister, then pull the prank from the above list & best website, and enjoy the moment.


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