Perform Navagra To Get Rid Of Sufferings ha Dosha Pariharam


When negative things happen at your place or in your life, you cannot figure out the precise cause behind Navagraha dosha. Do you know the reason for negative vibes in your life can be due to multiple malefic planets? Our life is controlled by nine planets. The wrong placements of nine planets in your birth chart can affect your life. To evade the negative effects of nine planets, you should perform navagraha puja. Navagraha dosha pariharam puja is dedicated to the nine planets. The purpose of this ritual is to negate the malefic energy of nine planets. On doing this puja, you will get blessings from navagraha and your life will be back on track. 

Ward Off Doshas By Navagraha Puja 

Navagraha is a group of nine planets that have an impact in a person’s life. Rahu and ketu are known as shadowy planets but the impact of these planets can either destroy a human’s life or can make a person wealthy, successful and prosperous. If any of the nine planets are afflicted in your birth chart, then you can experience negative outcomes in your life. The motto of navagraha shanti puja can neutralize the negative energies and can also lessen the malefic effects of planets in your horoscope. 

In a person’s birth chart, multiple doshas are present. To remove or to lessen the effects of doshas, navagraha puja is essential. The native strains peace and happiness along with the blessings of benefic planets. You will be surrounded with positive energies and you will also get respect in the society. All you need is experienced priests who will perform navagraha puja in a proper way. When you perform puja to nine planets, then the negative effects will get removed automatically and you will be free from doshas. It has been observed that people suffer from pitru doshas. Doing pitra dosha nivaran puja can keep you away from evil happenings. 

Perform Puja Through Online Medium

Not every person can visit temples to perform puja. It may happen that you are not in good health. As a result, you cannot visit temples to perform puja to your God. The advent of digital technology has helped devotees get their puja performed online. The online puja services in India are getting popular with each passing day. Get your preferred puja done by the eminent pandits of the puja booking online site. 

Relax at the comfort of your home or office and book your desired puja online. Any puja you desire to do will be performed by skilled pandits. The learned priests will inform you how they perform puja in your absence. Many people have opted for online puja and have received benefits from it.

Book E-Puja Services 

Have a quick glance over the list of online puja services and book your desired puja service online in just a few clicks. On a specific day, the puja offered by you will be performed by the priests in the temple and the prasadam will be delivered at your destination in a few days.

The list of pooja services are mentioned in the e-puja site. Confirmation of booking can be made through Whatsapp or via email. 


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