Penetration testing to pass so many levels of safety


It is no secret that in today’s fast-paced world the considerable hike in the use of digital technology has opened gates to numerous security risks. The company’s data has been exposed to several vulnerabilities and could be easily accessed by an attacker or a hacker, and to secure the stored data companies often avail services to perform a vulnerability assessment of their IT infrastructure and workflow to spot any flaws in their IT security.

However, one can never be too sure of those threats without performing penetration testing. Penetration testing more or less also cited as “pen testing” is a process of assessing computer systems, networks, or web applications that could be exploited by an attacker or a hacker.

The ultimate goal of penetration testing is to pinpoint and fix any security holes before they can be exploited by criminals. Pen testing is a process of attempting to penetrate a computer system or network from outside, typically using automated tools, to find security flaws and fix them to make it breach-proof and save the company from any fraud that may risk the reputation of the company.

Identify the risks and reduce their effect

Once the assessment has taken place the vulnerability identifies the risks to collected data and also the services being offered, this helps us gauge the depth of risks within the IT infrastructure of the company and helps in an early diagnosis.

The team of professionals not only runs an intensive penetration test to spot the danger of exposure at various levels but also pinpoint the weakness and extent of security lapse using various tools both manual and automated, that all the knowledge is aggregated to send to the company’s IT team with our input in order of the priorities to fill the safety gaps at the earliest making it impossible for any unauthorized entity to penetrate through the system.

The added perk of such a proactive effort is that it not only saves the business’s face but also the time and money invested that might be lost just in case of any service downtime or security breach. Not only that but nowadays regulatory authorities too require penetration tests done for their system and exemplify the sustainable level of performance to grant approval and reserve it from any fine.

  Ensure the system safety with penetration testing

Penetration tests should be performed routinely as per the managerial requirements of the companies after every security patch, relocation, and system or software update to warrant the safety and integrity of the system tested frequently enough.

As a pen test allows the company to identify vulnerabilities prior to any impairment caused also, it helps in prioritizing their approach and fore-draft it for its refinement over a period of time, thereby saving us from any unexpected expenditure. We are here to provide amazing services that can help you perform this process. Click the link below and visit the website of SOC Assurance to contact us.


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