New Foods to Try in 2022. How we will eat in the new year?


Being clairvoyant and predicting the new foods to try in 2022 can be risky in this volatile world. But if things don’t go as planned, after all, what does it matter? a coming year is fun and it is not always nonsense. Do you know what does your body do with food? It transforms it into pure happiness. So let’s have a look.

Food trends 2022

For example, congratulations to those who in recent years have bet on the rise of queasier, the dish inspired by the traditional beer of Jalisco, Mexico. Beef dipped in a dark, menacing sauce. And as the hype on Instagram continues relentlessly, this beer will also fall within New Foods to Try in 2022

The infamous tacos dip in spicy sauce is seen everywhere and then mash-ups as if it was raining, pizza – birria, fried potatoes – birria, tortellini – birria. On Tik Tok, which now feeds our curiosity for airfood recipe like a huge engine, the videos of this beer have made a bang.

Respect for those who have foreseen other food trends that have become mainstream and that we will see again in 2022. The boom in delivery and ghost (or dark) kitchens, environments where you cook only for online deliveries, without a real restaurant behind them. Or the tsunami of alternative products to animal meat, milk, eggs, and fishery products.

Waiting For the Revolution of Digital Meat

But waiting for the vegetable meat revolution to even be served at McDonald’s and the steak replacement becomes harmless and without regrets, what will be the new food trends in 2022?

The decoction year ended badly but even the new one in which everyone is planning the future does not start well. Omicron, a highly contagious variant of Covid 19, will increase economic uncertainty and affect the way food is grown, cooked, and packaged.

New Foods to Try in 2022 in New York

But threats sometimes hide opportunities. The New York Times believes it, which, like every year these days, has reviewed dozens of interviews with food influencers – business executives, researchers, and cooking professionals – to find out what the food trends of the year just begun will be.

Not one of those illegible things from the “Economy and Society” supplement comes out, with graphs and everything, don’t worry. But a report is packaged by understanding what is interesting to stop attention and what is not.

The generation born between 1997 and 2010 has shown attention to the sustainability of food, prepared without exploitation and delivered with zero emissions. But in 30 minutes. For more information visit: gas grill

How We Will Eat In 2022, Including Italy

Here then is a full-bodied series of news and potential developments, large and small, that could influence the way we eat in the new year. The beauty of the summary of the New York Times is that the feeling of having lost a lot of time behind useless things that were believed to be passable all things considered and instead turn out to be laughable does not emerge.

Let’s just hope that these foods, just because they are mentioned in the New York newspaper, don’t become as expensive as Kelly by Hermès.

Mushroom, Ingredient of the Year

Mushrooms appear in many predictions in different forms, from psilocybin mushrooms (the so-called hallucinogenic mushrooms, that is, with psycho-active characteristics) to large pleuritic mushrooms, very widespread in Italy and known by the names of mumps or oyster mushrooms, often used in the kitchens of restaurants to replace the scallops.

Drinks of the Year

Although 2022 was the year of non-alcoholic cocktails, the return of the 80s drinks has already been glimpsed. To keep up with the trend, just go to Google and search for Tequila Sunrise, Blue Lagoon, Long Island Iced Tea, and Sour. Today reworked with fresh fruit juices, less sugar, and better spirits that drive crazy managers from banks and regular venture offices of New York cocktail bars.80’s cocktail The colorful and joyful aesthetic of the cocktails inspired by the 80s

We interpret the trend as a reaction to the uncertain times of the pandemic and as a need for sweet, colorful, joyful, and playful things. To a lesser extent, there is the growth of eco-friendly liqueurs, made by micro-distilleries, packaged and shipped with environmentally friendly methods.

Meanwhile, vegetable chicken from companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat has landed in grocery stores and restaurants. The battle to figure out which replacement will dominate the market.

New York Foods

Even in successful reports, there is always some rumor that is there as a filler. Thus the New York Times informs us that the interest in the laminaria seaweed, also called kelp, present along the shores of the oceans continues. Whether it is eaten raw or powdered after drying, it is appreciated for the help given to the seas by removing nitrogen.

On the wave (it should be said) of this success, farmed seaweed will go beyond the present in the menus of high-end restaurants and beyond dashi, a classic Japanese broth prepared with kombu seaweed, to land in everyday dishes, from sauces to pasta.

Popular Foods

Squid Game” has made Algona candies real stars. It is a biscuit candy made with sugar and baking soda, common in South Korea and already sold in the 1970s as street food. While Koreans queue up to buy the best, YouTube video tutorials are going crazy for making Algona candies just like in the popular Korean Netflix series.

A trend that risks making us also known as sweets from China (the “White Rabbit” milk candies or haw flakes, dried fruit flakes made from hawthorn) and South Korea (the infamous and very sweet Apollo Street.

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