My in-laws are obsessed with me manga


My in-laws are obsessed with me manga. That’s not a typo. They’re crazy for manga, and I don’t know what to do about it. Now, I love my in-laws as much as anyone, but this Manga Madness thing is getting a bit out of hand. It started with just a few copies of certain manga titles, and now they can’t stop talking about them. I don’t know how to break the news to them that manga isn’t actually all that great (aside from Attack on Titan). Maybe I could try a little honest marketing? Nah, that won’t work either. They’ll just be disappointed that I didn’t share their enthusiasm for manga like they did. What should I do?

My in-laws are obsessed with me manga: Introducing my in-laws

Recently, my in-laws came over for dinner and we got to talking. They asked me what manga I was reading and I told them that I was reading my in-laws’ favorite manga, “my in-laws are obsessed with me”.

My in-laws loved the manga so much that they asked to borrow a copy from me. They were so impressed that the author had personalized the book for them!

Now, every time they come over for dinner. They want to know what new chapter I’ve read and if there is any news on the sequel. They are huge fans of the manga and they love getting to learn more about Japan and its culture through the characters in the manga.

What manga is my in-laws obsessed with?

In-laws are a tricky bunch. You never quite know what they’ll be interested in and when you introduce them to something new, it can be difficult to keep them engaged. One manga that is my in-laws’ latest obsession is My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia is a manga series about a young boy who dreams of becoming the strongest superhero in the world. Despite being constantly ridiculed by his classmates for being “weak,” Izuku Midoriya does not give up on his dream and decides to enroll in a prestigious school where he can learn more about becoming a hero.

Although my in-laws are only just getting into the manga, they seem to love every minute of it. They always have questions for me about the characters and their motivations, which I find incredibly flattering. I think it’s great to see them get so invested in something outside of their normal sphere of interests. And I’m excited to see how the series progresses.

How do I deal with their obsession?

If you’re married to someone who is obsessed with manga, there are a few things you can do to cope. First, try not to take it personally. Manga isn’t necessarily a reflection of your husband’s personality. And he may not actually be into the comic books or anime series. Second, make sure you understand why he’s so obsessed with them. It could be because he loves the characters and storylines, or maybe he just enjoys reading them for fun. Third, don’t let their obsession interfere with your relationship. If his obsession causes tension in your household, it might be best to try and find a way to work around it. Lastly, remember that everyone has different interests and hobbies, so don’t judge him based on what he reads.


I was really surprised when I came home to find a box of manga books waiting for me on the doorstep. My in-laws are big fans of manga, and they knew that I enjoyed reading them as well. They had gone out and bought me some new Manga classics to read, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Not only did they get me something that I loved, but they also made sure that my reading habits would be kept consistent during the holiday season. Thanks, in-laws!


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