Maltipoos – Adorable designer pups


Maltipoos – Adorable designer pups

Maltipoos are breeds of dogs that result by crossing the Miniature or Toy Poodle with a Maltese. The Maltipoo is yet to be acknowledged in the American Kennel Club and other organisations around the globe.

The reason that these canines have been gaining popularity in recent years is because they’re smart and loving, and also amusing, and they provide delight to anyone seeking the perfect dog companion.
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The appearance of the appearance of Maltipoo puppy isn’t a guarantee because it is largely influenced by the physical traits that the dog’s parents. For instance, a Maltipoo’s coat may be curly, however it can also be scruffy and it can vary between dogs. other.

The coat color of a Maltipoo is also difficult to determine since some shades of gray, while others could be white, and the color cream isn’t uncommon .

A majority of dogs sport a fluffy and wool-like coat it is one of the things they are loved for.

How big can an Maltipoo grow?

It’s a tiny breed. Adults can reach the height of 10-12 inches according to gender and their genetic inheritance.

The majority weigh between 10 to 20 pounds.
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It’s and also based on gender, if they were neutered or spayed or if their parents were larger or smaller.

If you’re looking for an extremely small Maltipoo You should select one that is female. You can also inquire with your breeder about the cross of two parents with smaller sizes. If you’re looking to get an older dog you should select male pups from parents who are larger than the average. Genetics are powerful in regards to size!


The greatest aspect of the Maltipoo can be that is typically takes on the personality from its owners. Since both Maltese as well as the Poodle are affectionate breeds so it’s not a stretch to think that the Maltipoo puppy will have the same personality.

But, as with any other breed, hybrid or non-mixed, the Maltipoo also needs to be introduced as soon as it is. Because Maltipoos are extremely smart, you’re not going to have a difficult time learning to train your dog.

Another Maltipoo characteristic that dog owners appreciate is the fact that they can be very and affectionate. They are prone to suffering from anxiety about being in a secluded area for long periods of the day. If you are often absent for longer than 10 hours per day on a regular basis, it might not be the pet for you.

Do Maltipoos make it easy to potty train?

The majority of Maltipoos are very simple to train, particularly when some of the training was carried out through the breeder. Training to potty can take patience and time, however because they are intelligent they’ll master it within a matter of minutes.

Repetitive and praise-filled routines can provide the best results when is potty training for the Maltipoo. It is possible to use the scent of your dog to get them to ‘go about their business’ at a certain location.

If, for instance, you have pee pads and you want to apply a fresh one to an old one, making your dog believe that it’s marked its territory. For more details on house-training your Maltipoo, speak to a seasoned trainer.

Can a Maltipoo a great dog?

Many dog owners be in agreement that Maltipoos are not great however, they make excellent pets, but great ones. They can easily adapt to new living situations, and they learn to trust their pet’s owners but, more important, when they’re properly trained and don’t attempt to control their owners.

Because their size is smaller, they’re less difficult to take care of and aren’t as expensive as big and massive breeds (at at least, in terms of food).

In addition on top of everything else, the Maltipoo maintains their puppy-like disposition even into their later years, which is quite refreshing.


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