Karjat has a plethora of tourist attractions that make it an ideal destination for a romantic weekend with friends and family. Karjat is well-known for Kondana Cave, which has 16 caverns ornamented with a monastery, stupa, prayer hall, and elaborate sculptures defining perfection, as well as bygone carvings in the Buddhist style. Karjat is well-known for its enthralling waterfalls, which have made it a popular picnic destination. The fort, which is built on a cone-shaped hill near the village of Peth, is reported to have been built by Marathas in the past and offers breathtaking views of the Wandre Khind Pass, Western Ghats, and Bhimashankar.

The most beautiful view of Karjat may be had from the famed Bhor ghats. Another intriguing spot to visit among the many tourist attractions is the Kothaligad fort. The Ulhas valley, on the other hand, captures many people’s interest with its milky waterfalls and beautiful valley. The Bahiri caverns are renowned for the history that surrounds them and serve as a sacred gateway for all pilgrims.

The unusual vista of an extended esker interconnecting the Badlapur and Mhaismal hills with an undulating slope in the Navra Navri Ridge is undoubtedly one of Karjat’s must-see attractions. The engulfing beauty of the peaceful waters surrounded by majestic hills may be felt when visiting Pali Bhutavali Dam. You may rely on us for a magnificent trip to Karjat, and we will ensure that you have a memorable vacation.

Villas in Karjat:

Nest Villa

The interiors of this private villa with pool in Karjat, a magnificent Portuguese property with minimalist design, splashes of colour, and contemporary furnishings, will transport you to a vacational feeling. It emanates elegance, calm, and positive energy. The home has three bedrooms, a stunning pool, and a lit-up pool deck. Because it is an EKO STAY property, guests can be certain of the quality and service provided.
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Eclipse Villa

Have you ever imagined a romantic trip in a destination recognised for its gorgeous natural views, massive mountains, and idyllic weather? Ekostay Eclipse Villa in Karjat is the ideal location for you to make this a reality. The 3 BHK Villa, with its gorgeous décor and own pool, is great for relaxing or simply taking in the Instagram – worthy vistas from every part of this homestay.

Simba Villa

The interiors of this villa with pool in Karjat will take you to a vacational feeling with simple design, exquisite colour, and contemporary furnishings. It emits elegance, tranquillity, and pleasant energy. The house has three bedrooms, a private pool, and a panoramic view of mountains and lush flora.Because it is an EKO STAY property, guests may be confident in the quality and service of their stay.

Enthralling Lonavla is a lovely town in Maharashtra with a grape-green valley. This is unquestionably one of Maharashtra’s must-see sites. Lonavla, which once belonged to the Yadava dynasty, is supposed to have been exploited by the Mughals as a strategic location against their opponents. The wonderland-like hill station winds through a dense blanket of grass and is surrounded by waterfalls and stunningly clear lakes.

The appealing hill station, best known for the legendary candy-Chikki, is located at an elevation of 2,047 feet above sea level. It is located in the Sahyadri range, which separates the Konkan Coast from the Deccan plains, and hence provides a beautiful perspective of the surrounds. The area has a plethora of enticing tourist attractions that are difficult to overlook. Rajmachi Point is located 6 kilometres from Lonavla and offers a breathtaking view of the old Shivaji Fort. It is also a popular destination for trekkers and the home of Vajhgai Dari.

The next tourist attraction in Lonavala is the Duke’s Nose, which is located about 12 kilometres from the hill station and is named after Wellington’s Duke. Lonavla has a plethora of tourist attractions, such as the Karla caves, which are well-known for their collection of old Buddhist-made shrines. Another sacred site here is Ekira Maa, which is well-known among Hindu worshippers. The next stop is Lohagad Fort, which is perched on a hill; the Malavadi railway station provides access to this ‘Iron fort,’ which was previously a restricted war zone for Shivaji.

The location now provides a glimpse of its attractive surroundings, which include mountains and tiny suburbs. The Lonavla Lake is located 2 kilometres from the hill station and is a must-see attraction. Lonavala, a significant stop between Mumbai and Pune, is the ideal getaway for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Lonavla travel guide strives to make your journey in this picturesque hill station worthwhile and unforgettable, from the greatest resort to halt at to the best local cuisine to binge on.

Villas in Lonavala

Tranquil villa

Everything is peaceful and lovely, including the Ekostay Tranquil Villa in Lonavala. With its modern décor and cosy furnishings, this 3BHK magnificent house is a gem. This gated community, located in one of the premier villa societies, offers the best to offer in terms of elegance and security. This house has a private pool, abundant landscaping, and a positive mood. Guests could enjoy some badminton or simply relax on the grass.

Deltin Villa

When you want to relax with your closest friends, go to the lovely 2 BHK Ekostay Deltin Villa in Lonavala with a private pool and a lawn for recreational activities. Head over to the terrace for a morning cup of tea while admiring the stunning mountain views. In the chill of the night, enjoy a towering campfire or a huge BBQ feast with your loved ones. You can come here with family and friends, or even your four-legged buddies, and let your hair down.

Blanco Villa

The Ekostay Blanco Villa in Lonavala with pool is a fantastic break for the Mumbai people and appears to be straight out of an architectural magazine. Surrounded by beautiful vegetation, modern furnishings, and plenty of open space are just a few of the features that contribute to this 3 BHK house in Lonavala’s wow factor.


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