How to setup your camera for landscape photography – from cellular phone to DSLR


Landscape pictures is the concern extensively available to all people, irrespective of the level of our competencies or understanding. Nature is all round us, idyllic sceneries, and creations that attract our attention all the time when we move outdoor even for a walk

And if we visit a few other God’s creations that are so eye-catchy that we simply can’t face up to them, the handiest thing we ought to have with us is some sort of a digicam, at the least the one integrated with our smartphones.

But to take the maximum of the possibility displayed before your eyes, you need to recognize a few fundamental settings to use for your image recording device – a.Ok.A your digital camera. So allow’s begin!

Mobile phone cameras

The reality is that cellular smartphone cameras come up with more and more incredible alternatives for all varieties of images and are getting better with every new model. lenssharp you’re only a “beginner” in this area and don’t realize plenty about extraordinary

digital camera settings and the way they have an impact on your final pictures, you could easily loosen up and permit your lenssharp current cellphone contend with the maximum of your wishes to take a first rate picture.

The reality is that maximum of the smartphone cameras don’t allow you to take an excessive amount of of manual controls, however are made to recognize the scene in front of them and adjust the to be had parameters within the exceptional viable way.

So, for landscape photography, you could be nearly certain that your telephone digital camera will adjust itself nicely. Some recommendation we are able to give you are:

Point&Shoot compacts

If you don’t personal this form of camera, our advice isn’t to spend money on it at all. Most modern-day cell telephones will do a better job than P&S cameras and you already have your phone so it’s a waste of cash. But for those who already have them, right here’s how to use them for landscapes.

You possibly only have Automatic, Program, and Scene modes to your digicam or maybe much less than that. Some extra high-priced fashions have a piece more, however this is common for the most.

Advanced compacts, Super-zooms, Bridge cameras

If you invested in a number of those cameras or making plans to do it, you must be already aware of phrases like – depth of area, the field of view, aperture, shutter pace, ISO, etc…

If now not, then you may waste your money and use them as P&S cameras, which would be a shame. So get a few heritage about these terms first, in case you haven’t already 🙂

  • select the least viable ISO for the quantity of light to be had in your scene. It’s round ISO a hundred on most of these cameras, however a few have additional alternatives like ISO 50.
  • But ISO one hundred is pretty high-quality. Don’t move over ISO four hundred-800 nearly in no way, except if the scene is so quality it’s really worth even introducing a few stressful degrees of virtual noise in it. To avoid high ISO’s, invest in some kind of tripod, doesn’t should be expensive one at all, and take longer exposures with support when wanted.

Entry-level, superior, semi-seasoned and pro DSLRs and mirrorless cameras

If you’ve got reached the level of talents that is enough to move even further (or you already own a number of these cameras), you then are probable aware of all the terms we cited up till now.

The settings are pretty similar to for preceding institution of cameras, so that you can study the previous section to get most of the info.


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