Learn how to prevent your laptop from overheating – keep your laptop cool


If you use your laptop for long periods of time or run heavy software such as editing and design software, your computer may get a little warm.

Prolonged use of a laptop at very high temperatures can cause hardware components such as video cards, motherboards, hard drives, etc. to malfunction. Now let’s look at some possible causes of overheating. To help you identify potential problems before they occur

Use a heatsink on your laptop to prevent clogged fans.

Dust and dirt can block the vents of your computer. This is something to be aware of if you work in a dusty area or have very little air circulation. The most common cause of overheating is blocked air vents. These are the small grill areas that you usually find on the bottom and sides of your laptop.

Part of the computer works like a vacuum cleaner. Air intake from one side and blast from the other. There are vents to let cool air in and let warm air out.
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If it continues like this you will see it only after a few months of use. The fan and heatsink will eventually become dusty. If it is not clean, performance deteriorates rapidly and overheating occurs.

Laptops usually only have one or two small fans that do the hard work of cooling all the internal components. If these vents are blocked by dust and dirt. You can be sure that the fans will only work at minimum power. One or two of these fans have a tough job ahead of them. This is another reason why a laptop cooler is a huge plus. This will reduce the pressure from the internal fan.

Laptops collect dirt and dust around them. Air vents After months of use, laptops constantly need fresh air to cool the internal components. These components include the processor, hard drive, and random access memory (RAM) causing high heat. Blocked fans prevent these components from cooling.

Use laptop cooling pads to prevent internal fans from malfunctioning.

Laptops use at least one internal fan diebestentest to cool the processor and other important internal components. Most laptops use fans that control the processor’s bandwidth. So if the processor detects that it needs more work. The fan will run faster to maintain heat. You can hear the hum as the fan suddenly changes volume to match the heavy workload of the processor.

Therefore, a failed fan that cannot respond to changes in processor load will cause the processor and other components to fail. Overheating quickly, it also significantly reduces the performance of the operating system.

inappropriate position

The main advantage of laptops is that you can use them almost anywhere. Gone are the days when you had to sit at your desk for hours. These new lightweight laptops can be carried anywhere. Now many people find it more convenient to work elsewhere than at a desk. We can work on the lap, floor, sofa, bed, outside the house, etc.

The problem is that there is a higher chance of blocking the vent. Unlike the above, the ventilation holes are closed from dust. But the surface you’re working on can block the fans. The placement of your laptop plays an important role in determining whether it will overheat or not.

If you are using the laptop as a personal computer, approach it from a certain place. The laptop should be in a place where there is enough fresh air. The vents should not be blocked and should not be close to other electronic components. which also generates heat

There are many laptop cooling systems on the market that can help with this. Some have built-in fans to blow hot air. Some raise the back of the laptop to allow air to circulate. There is also a fan made of crystal gel that also helps to cool the hot spot.


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