Why Does My Laptop Keep Disconnecting from WiFi?


Nobody wants their connection to interrupt on the laptop especially when they are in the middle of an important task. Even if you are casually streaming some shows online, or paying your online bill for enjoying services like Cox cable deals, this can mess up your entire experience.

You are not alone if your laptop keeps disconnecting. When you are out of range of the router or hotspot, it’s common for this to happen. You won’t be

Sometimes, it’s an underlying issue that could be keeping you from being connected to the internet. Let’s check out what these issues/causes can be:

1: Hardware Issue

Disconnection of the internet can sometimes be caused by hardware issues. These can range from serious problems, such as a shattered modem, to little concerns, such as dust seeping into your laptop.

Dust can create a variety of troubles, so keeping your device clean is essential if you want to avoid such minor concerns. Fine dust particles may become caught between connection points, resulting in the connection points failing to function. As a result, you must keep your PCs clean at all times.

2: Old Or Outdated Router

Connection problems are frequently caused by an outdated wireless router. Even a router that is only a few years old could be outdated or simply worn out.

If your router is old and weary, maybe it is time for an upgrade. Get yourself the latest equipment for optimal speed and performance. If you have multiple internet users at home, get a router that employs Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6 protocols. It offers optimal speeds and performance.

3: Too Much Traffic at Once

There was a time when an average home had one or two PCs to connect to the internet. With smartphones, smart TVs, and tablets, now, homes have multiple connected devices.

Surprisingly your device is not actively sending or receiving data while it is connected, it continues to consume the bandwidth. What this implies is that if you have a lot of devices connected, your WiFi connection may start to slow down or drop.

4: Technical Difficulties

Your internet may continue to fall out for a variety of reasons, including poor network coverage, a shaky infrastructure, or technical difficulties that need to be resolved.

There are numerous technical issues on your provider’s end that might cause your internet to disconnect at any time. The culprit could be network congestion, development near your home, or even terrible weather, depending on the type of internet you have. Do check with your provider and confirm the service outage in your region.

5: The Router Needs a Break

Usually, we never think that our devices desperately need a break too. When was the last time you power cycled your router? you probably don’t remember that.

We leave our mobile phones, laptop, and other digital devices on all the time, whether or not we’re using them. On top of that, we expect them to perform at their best. Routers are no exception. They need a break from time to time! Give your device a break by turning it off for a while maybe 2 to 3 minutes. This could fix the problem.

6: Your Router Is in a Bad Spot

By now, every internet user knows how important location is. You have to place the router in a central location so that you can get maximum signals.

If your access point is three doors down in a closet and the device you’re attempting to connect laptop to is holding onto the tiny signal bar, you will disconnect multiple times. You’ll see signal decline until you move your device closer to the access point. The simplest solution to this problem is to place your router in a central location or sit closer to the router to get a good signal range.

7: Unreliable Wireless Driver

Wireless network hardware can be faulty at times. Because wireless networks are complex, wireless cards and base stations may experience small issues and lose connections from time to time. This is inconvenient, yet it occurs frequently on many devices.

 This could be the only reason you’re getting disconnected again and again. If the problem is frequent, you might want to consider upgrading your hardware.


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