Hair is considered an important facet of personality, and people worldwide, despite age or gender, are concerned about their hair problems. As hair is related to human aesthetics, concerns like hair thinning, hair falling, and baldness are becoming a global issue lately.  Several issues cause hair loss; most are lifestyle disorders like improper nutrition, stress, lack of sleep, etc. But many people suffer from hair thinning due to underlying medical issues like genetics and hormonal imbalance. While lifestyle disorders can be regulated, medical disorders need proper diagnosis and treatment. The hair transplant in Kolkata is a breakthrough in cosmetic science that gives permanent solutions to all your hair-related concerns.

Hair transplantation is a popular process all over the world. Previously only celebrities could undergo this treatment as it was expensive and unavailable in India. However, these very common people can undertake the process as most hair clinics in Kolkata are offering this service at a very affordable rate. But as it is a clinical and complex process, hair transplantation in Kolkata should be done from a renowned clinic under the supervision of a certified medical practitioner to avoid any complications.

Hair loss treatments in Kolkata are two types one is hair transplant, and another is known as hair replacement. Hair transplant is expensive and offers permanent results, whereas hair replacement is temporary and less expensive.

Hair transplant treatment is a medical treatment done in two different ways; one is known as Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) & other one is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). To consider one of the treatments that would be ideal for you requires a set of factors.

FUT Treatment

In this treatment, a strip of hair containing hair policies is extracted from the back of the head, where the hair is generally thicker. The tissue groups containing hair follicles are separated and then prepared for transplant.

A tiny hole is made at the transplant site where the patient is experiencing hair thinning, and extracted tissue is placed at the site. FUT is a revolutionary method and has helped thousands of people with degrading hairlines for the last two decades.

FUE Treatment

FUE treatment does not require extracting a strip of skin. Rather, it directly extracts hair follicles from the donor site and transplants them to the required location. Individual hair follicles are directly extracted from the scalp and injected into minute circular scars in the recipient site. FUE is a more time-consuming procedure than FUT, but rather than making a single scar, minute circular scars are made at the targeted area.

The procedure and the aftercare are different in the case of both treatments, yet both of them yield good results. It is a matter of time & money to decide which process suits you more. Now let us have a look at the benefits associated with hair transportation.

What Are The Advantages Of Hair Transplants?

A hair transplant is one of the smartest procedures that you can easily opt for if you are suffering from baldness or hair thinning issues. Although this is a medical procedure that offers numerous benefits, it also has disadvantages. Let’s have a look at some of its benefits.

Requires Minimum Downtime

Hair transplant is a fast process, and in today’s time, it is very difficult for each of us to manage and maintain time in this tight work schedule. Hence, a treatment that requires elaborate aftercare and long downtime naturally becomes a big NO. To keep that in mind, the hair transplant method is designed to be a fast process that requires very less downtime. One can rest for 5-6 days before resuming regular work. But to perform any hard physical activity, a patient should consult with the surgeon.

Offers Natural Regrowth of Hair

We all want to look natural. Gone are those days of high voluminous hair that doesn’t match your skin tone & hair tone and looks very much artificial. The surgical hair transplant process involves the transplantation of natural hair from the donor site, i.e., the back of the head where the hair is thick, to the recipient site where the hair has begun to thin out or baldness has begun to occur. The process uses natural hair; it looks very natural and matches the existing hair and skin tone. This is one of the biggest benefits of the hair transplant process.

It Is a Pain-Free Process

Many people are afraid of the pain associated with a surgical process. Still, hair transplants ate conducted under local Anesthesia so a patient will feel no pain or discomfort during the process.

The Process Is Scar Free

A surgical process always has a downfall, and that is pain & scar. However, as in the above section, we have mentioned it is pain-free now; let us tell you another fact that this procedure left no visible scar if done correctly.

Cost Saving Process

The process might sound expensive, but it is quite cheaper in the long run. The non-surgical process requires extensive maintenance, and the result is not permanent.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Hair Transplant?

Requires a Long Time to Complete

Hair transplantation is a surgical process performed by a surgeon, so it takes around 3-4 months to see the natural hair regrowth.

Offers No Guarantee to Genetic Hair Loss

People suffering from genetic baldness may not be a good candidate for either of these methods, as genetic baldness will continue to occur even after surgery.

Risk Factors

It is a surgical procedure with certain complications, and risk factors are associated if proper aftercare is not maintained. Therefore, it is important to find a reputed clinic that offers world-class service.


A hair transplant yields great benefits and will boost your confidence if performed by a good surgeon. If you are willing to know more, you can contact us for more details.


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