Kids Segways UK


Kids Segways UK are electronic balancing boards that are designed for children to use while out and about. They feature Bluetooth speakers and colorful LED lights. These fun vehicles are fully licensed and comply with UK safety regulations.
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Kids and adults can both enjoy riding the Segways UK. These scooters also have Bluetooth connectivity, so you can connect them to your smartphone or another Bluetooth-enabled device.

They’re fully licensed and compliant with all UK safety regulations

kids Segways UK are fully licensed and conform to all UK safety regulations and are legal to use on public pavements and some cycle lanes. However, hoverboards, which are similar to Segways, are not legal to use on public roads and pavements in the UK. In addition, hoverboards are illegal to operate on private land.

Segways for kids are suitable for children aged six and over and are designed for riders weighing twenty to eighty kilograms. Before introducing your child to riding a Segway, make sure you read all safety instructions carefully and wear a helmet. It is recommended that your child learns to ride a Segway under the supervision of an experienced rider.

Segways Hoverboards

Segways and hoverboards were once considered weird, futuristic objects that only grownups could dream of, but now they’re common sights at local parks and play areas. Not only that, but child-sized versions of these high-tech toys are available to buy.

The UK’s rules about Segways are less strict than in many other countries. They’re legal on public pavements and some cycle lanes. But unlike some other countries, the UK has not approved the use of motorized hoverboards. So, it’s unlikely that kids will be allowed to try one out on our roads.


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