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Some Tips Every Kid or Student Should Know


When a child tries to avoid school, kids learn may seem like the end of the world. After all, are you paying for that expensive private education and now choosing not to show your child? This is frustrating for everyone involved, especially if you are already struggling with their behavior at home.

But before you panic or punish your child for skipping class, try to find out why they are making these choices first. Some kids just get bored and need more challenging work. Others may have trouble adapting to a new school environment. And some kids might be dealing with bullying or other mental health issues that make them want to stay home. You need to make sure that your child does not go back to school necklace.

Solution for helping your kid

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for helping your kid get over their school phobia, but here are some strategies that have worked for other parents:

  • Find out what they hate about school: First things first: Figure out what exactly is making your child unhappy at school so you can address kids learn directly (or at least try). If they’re not getting along with certain teachers or classmates, ask them if there’s anything you can do to help — like allowing them to switch classes or put them into tutoring sessions — so they don’t have to deal with these people anymore.

Make school a safe environment

Teach kids learn how to handle anxiety. Anxiety is a normal emotion that everyone feels occasionally, but for some children, it’s a persistent problem that can lead to depression and other mental health issues. Teach your child about anxiety and how to deal with it, so he or she will be prepared when it strikes.

Encourage your child to learn about her learning style. Some kids learn better through auditory or visual cues; others prefer hands-on activities or time alone to think about things on their own. Learn more about teaching your child his or her learning style, so she can use what works best for her.

Give your child a sense of control over his schedule and other aspects of his life at school and home by creating a daily routine that includes morning and evening rituals — such as saying goodbye in the morning and goodnight kisses before bed — plus routines for homework time, bedtime, chores, meals and snacks.

Practice at home

Your child may be struggling in school, but don’t panic. It’s not uncommon for kids to have difficulties at some point during their academic careers. The good news is that most kids learn to get through it and go on to do well in high school and beyond.

Here are some things you can do if your child is struggling:

  • Talk with the teacher or principal. Let them know that you’re concerned about your child’s progress and ask what they can do to help.
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    They’ll probably want to know what issues have been raised by your child or other teachers and whether there have been any incidents that might be contributing to the problem. If so, talk about those as well. You’ll also want to find out whether there are many resources available at school — tutors or support groups, for example — that could help your child overcome the problems she’s having.
  • Get your child involved in extracurricular activities such as sports or arts programs that interest her. These activities can provide a sense of belonging, boost self-confidence, and teach kids to learn that learning can be fun! Many schools offer after-school enrichment programs like these, but even if yours doesn’t, there’s probably something similar available in your community. Check with local YMCAs or community centers.

Look into counseling

There are many reasons why kids hate school. Some of the most common include:

1. Anxiety. Kids with anxiety may have a hard time concentrating and focusing on their work. They may also be hyper-sensitive to noise, light or other distractions in the classroom.

2. Learning difficulties. If your child has a learning disability, he or she may struggle with the demands of schoolwork and tests. That can make him or her feel frustrated and discouraged.

3. Bullying. Kids who are bullied at school may not want to go because they’re afraid of being picked on again.

4. Social issues. If your child is having problems making friends or fitting in socially, he or she might dread going to school every day because it makes them feel alone and different from their peers. Ash Kash.


If you have a child who dreads going to school, don’t get too freaked out. School adjustment can take some time, but it’s not unheard of for a child to fall in love with their classroom and teachers—and eventually, the school itself—within weeks of starting. Read more:


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