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In Kaiser Permanente, everything we do is centered around you. As an active member, you’ll be able to consult with your primary doctor to create a customized strategy that is focused on health and prevention to help you reach your goals for health. Additionally, you’ll have access to member-specific programs that will ensure you are fit, healthy, and at your peak.
Kaiser Permanente CO in Colorado offers individual and family coverage for those who are: self-employed, employed at an organization that doesn’t offer a group policy or students, recent graduates or those with a disability or are not covered under parents’ plans, working on the verge of a job or waiting for their employer’s group plan to be introduced or a part-time employee who isn’t covered by group coverage or an early retirement.

Here are a few benefits we can offer our members:Our promise to you that you are in charge of your health-related decisions array of budget-friendly plans and plans coverage when you need Kaiser Permanente CO in Colorado, and protection for preventative medical requirements exclusive services only for members like access online to your health record and an e-mail link to doctors’ offices, on-line refills of prescriptions and more. Services and products are targeted at individuals, as well as small, mid-sized and large companies, and Medicare-eligible persons recognition and trust that result from years of serving the communities we serve.A solid, steady financial performance year-on-year, which is augmented by the investing profits into our model of care delivery as well as our community health initiatives or health system is integrated. This means that our nurses, doctors pharmacists, doctors, as well as other health care experts are each focused on our patients’ health. Because Health Plan is Health Plan is integrated into the delivery of healthcare through our medical and hospital offices Our doctors are empowered to partner with you in order to ensure you are in healthy and optimal health.


Kaiser Permanente, the largest non-profit health insurance plan across the United States, serves 8.7 million members across 9 states as well as The District of Columbia. Kaiser Permanente is composed of Kaiser Foundation Health Plans (nonprofit and public-benefit companies) and The Permanente Medical Groups (for-profit professional organizations) and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals (a nonprofit public-benefit corporation). Note: Kaiser Foundation Hospitals don’t operate in every area.

What makes us different is our integrated approach to the delivery of health services.

We’re an integrated system of health care delivery. That means we provide and coordinate all aspects of services to our patients that include: preventive carePrenatal and well-baby careimmunizationsemergency care screening diagnostics medical and hospital services pharmacy services a health insurance company that is non-profit we are motivated by the demands of our members more than the demands of shareholders. We consider that we have the obligation of serving our communities in the areas we operate. A few of our community initiatives include: aiding the uninsured and other special populations. New health professionals are trained to become health professionals. The introduction of new delivery methods in the health care industry finding and sharing better methods to care for patients

Facts at a Glance

Established in 1945, Kaiser Permanente is a nonprofit health insurance company that offers group practice with its headquarters situated in Oakland, California. Kaiser Permanente strives to be the leader in promoting health by providing the highest-quality, affordable, integrated health healthcare. We are known for our social responsibility as well as our physicians responsible for providing clinical care as well as the ongoing collaboration with Kaiser Permanente’s Health Plan and our medical groups.

Our members
There are 8.7 million members who are enrolled voluntarily and have joined through their employer as well as through our plan designed for families and individuals.

California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Ohio, Oregon, Virginia, Washington, and the District of Columbia

Local markets
California: Capital, Central, East Bay, Golden Gate, North Bay, South Bay and the Coachella Valley, Inland Empire Metropolitan West Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego County, The Valleys, Tri-Central, Western Ventura County
Colorado: Denver, Boulder, (group coverage in Colorado Springs)
Georgia: metropolitan Atlanta
Hawaii: Hawaii, Oahu, Kauai, Maui
Mid-Atlantic States: Baltimore Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C.
Ohio: Akron, Cleveland
Oregon and the southern part of Washington: Portland, Longview-Vancouver, Salem

Medical centers: More than 35
Medical offices: More than more than
Physicians: More than 13,500

Multilingual capabilities
Service representatives for customer support who are fluent in Spanish are available to members as well as certified sales representatives for potential members. Other language options are on the request of. Multilingual capabilities are frequently available in our medical office. adobe illustrator download mac

Awards and Recognitions

>2011>2011 Kaiser Permanente leads Colorado health plans in satisfaction of members. Kaiser Permanente receives a top regional rating in the J.D. Power and Associates Study for a fourth consecutive year. J.D Power and Associates 2011 U.S. The Member Health Insurance Plan Study measures the satisfaction of members in the 17 health plans that comprise 137 regions across the U.S. The study considers seven aspects covering benefits and coverage selection of providers Information and communication statements and processing of claims customer service and the process of approval.

>2011>2011 Kaiser Permanente Colorado is one of the top private health insurance plans. “NCQA’s Health Insurance Plan Rankings 2010-2011” includes Kaiser Permanente as the highest-rated plan in Colorado and also No. 9 in the United States. These rankings are calculated on the data collected, analyzed, and converted into scores by NCQA. The three reporting categories are the satisfaction of consumers, prevention, and treatment Kaiser Permanente CO in Colorado achieved a score of 703 on a 1000-point scale, which is 21 more points than the average health insurance rating in Colorado. Kaiser Permanente scored the top marks in four important areas, including insurance coverage, benefits coverage, information communication process, claims processing, and customer service.

>October 2010- Thirteen Kaiser Permanente Colorado physicians were honored as 5280 Magazine’s Top Doctors. The survey includes all physicians who are registered within the metropolitan region and asks them to choose a few doctors whom they believe to be “top” in their specialty.

September 2010>September 2010 Kaiser Permanente Colorado wins two most prestigious “Champions in Health Care Awards’ from The Denver Business Journal. These awards, which honor the best health care personnel in the community were awarded to Kaiser Permanente endocrinologist and lipidologist John Merzenich, MD, and the Community Benefit team. Doctor Merenich won the award in the Innovation category for his work in creating the Kaiser Permanente Health Tracking Registry and Alert Companion which allows doctors to monitor and identify patients diagnosed with specific health issues.

The Community Benefit team won the award in the category of Large Facilities. The team of experts works to improve the general health of all Coloradoans by creating environments in which individuals can make easy healthy decisions.

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