It’s better to be good at academics than to be good at sports.


The debate on the importance of academics and sports is not new, but still, it is a hot topic of debate, and people keep debating and comparing them. Without any doubt, academics enjoy vital importance among people and education is taken as an important and compulsory obligation, and there is nothing wrong with it. Education is necessary for every human being, and everyone has a right to education, but it does not mean that sports are not important. Sports are as important as studies or education. Even we can understand the importance of academics and sports together through the example of school. However, generally, school is thought of purely as a place of academics. If we critically analyse it, we find out that there is a training or a unit of sports for every student in almost every school, which means that sports are also important along with the studies or academic learning. Below we will discuss the importance of both academics and sports.

Why is it better to be good at academics?

You can get scholarships:

One of the benefits of being good in academics is that you get a chance to study at one of the best and most well-known institutions without paying the fee because you are awarded scholarships. The students who have a good academic record are awarded scholarships from the state and numerous private organisations. The reason behind these scholarships is to appreciate these students and to make their studies easy. There are so many students who are not financially strong enough to afford their studies, but they are good at their studies. These students complete their studies because of the scholarship.  

Have a bright future:

If you are good at academics, you will definitely have so many opportunities and a bright future. For instance, there are two students, one with a good academic record and the other with an average academic record, and both of them apply for the same job or vacancy. Who would get the job? A student with a bright academic record has a bright chance of getting a job, and the organisation’s first priority would be that person. So when you are good at academics, you get more career opportunities because where ever you go, your transcript or mark sheet is your identity that makes your first impression.   

Good confidence:

Your self-confidence automatically increases when you are good at your studies. Confidence is the key that unlocks numerous doors for a student, and the confidence you get when you are good at academics has no substitute. This confidence is one of the reasons behind the consistency of your academic progress. For instance, if a student with an average academic record once gets good marks in the exams but,  whenever he or she prepares for the exam next time they would have more confidence in themselves as they know they can do it that results in they will again score good marks. So they started working hard for good marks and completing their task on their own instead of taking help from any Online assignment help. Along with self-confidence, students who have good academic progress also enjoy the confidence and trust of the teacher. They always keep forward their bright students and remember them in all the important work.

Respectable social life:

Becoming a good friend with a good academic record is one of the social pressure that every student and their parents faces. We are living in a society where your marks and grades on your result sheet matter a lot. Even the behaviour of the people around you depends upon that. So when you are good at academics, you automatically have a better and more respectable social life in school as well as in society. Everyone respects you and your opinions. You are appreciated wherever you go. Besides society, you have a lavish social life in school as everyone gives importance to you. People want to befriend a person who is good at studies.  

Why is it better to be good at sports?

Best for your health:

You are happy until and unless you are healthy; otherwise, nothing can make an unhealthy person healthy. To “live” life it is very important to be healthy. When it is said that your health is your biggest wealth, it is completely true. Without health, you cannot even perform well in your studies. The biggest benefit of being good at sports is that sports give the most precious treasure of health. A person good at sports is healthy and away from numerous health issues. They have better stamina and strong muscles and bones.  

Better mental health:

Another benefit of sports is that your mental health also improves along with your physical health. Bad mental health becomes a hurdle for a person everywhere in school, office and even house. But sports help you to improve your mental health. Your stress, frustration and anxiety are reduced by playing sports. Even your confidence and focus are boosted because of sports.   

Learns teamwork:

Because of sports, you learn how to work and cooperate with each other, work in a team, and behave as a team. You learn to take care and think about the people other than you and who is your part. You learn about the power and importance of collective effort.

Conclusion: By seeing the benefits and importance of both academics and sports, we find out that they are both important for the development, learning, and successful lives of students or children. It would be not wrong to say that academics and sports go hand in hand in the development of a child. So we conclude that it is not necessary to ignore anyone to focus on anyone. Real success and learning begin when you are able to give the required time to academics and sports.

Even it is said when you are good at sports. You are also able to perform well in academics. But if we look from another angle, not all the students have the same abilities. Some students are good at academics, and some are good at sports. The most important thing is to focus on the way or direction in which you are good, but while focusing on one race, do not forget or ignore the other. Along with academics, sports are very important, and with sports, academics is very important.


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