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Installment housing schemes in Peshawar


Many housing schemes allow buyers to pay monthly or yearly installments. Installments allow people to lower the total amount due and pay it in smaller amounts. Through this method, many people living on nominal incomes can finally purchase their own house. Here are some housing schemes in Peshawar that allow plots to be bought in installments.

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DHA Peshawar

DHA stands for the defense housing authority, and it is a well-known name in the real estate market. DHA was initially made exclusively for members of the armed forces; however, due to its popularity, it was later opened for the general public. DHA has been constructed in all major cities of Pakistan, including Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. It is counted as one of the most elite neighborhoods in all these cities, with plots highly demanded. The officers of the army-run DHA Peshawar and their skills can be seen through the excellent master plan and standard of quality of all its branches. DHA Peshawar is constructed on Sheikh Abad and is a short ride from Hayatabad. Its international standard facilities and quality control are considered the best housing society in Peshawar. The installment programs offered by this housing society make it easier for people to afford a house in this top-notch housing society.

Regi Model town Peshawar 

Regi model town is one of the first housing societies made in Peshawar. It has been constructed by the Peshawar Development Authority and is situated near Hayatabad, and is easily accessible from the Nasir Bagh road. Furthermore, this housing society is also near DHA Peshawar and conveniently allows its residents to travel to the central city. The master plan of Regi model town Peshawar is divided into five zones to ensure better planning and management. The infrastructure and facilities provided by each zone differ, and hence the prices of the plots also differ. Zones 3 and 4 have the highest demand and thus the highest prices. Regi Model town is a gated community to ensure that the housing schemes are a safe and secure environment. Moreover, it promises to be environment friendly and actively promotes nature. The demand for plots in Regi model town has increased significantly; however, the installment programs provided by the housing scheme make the plots in these societies affordable.

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Warsak Road, Peshawar 

Warsak road is constructed on the famous Peshawar ring road and is a few miles away from the National Highway. It is also nestled near one of the famous hotels, Peal continental Peshawar. The location of Warsak road Peshawar is probably its most prominent feature. It is strategically located to ensure that the residents can stay connected with the rest of the city. Furthermore, this housing society has become famous for its beautiful architecture and layout of the houses available there. Therefore, they are offering more to their clients than other housing societies at the same price. Warsak Road has a range of plots of the size 5, 6, and 10 Marlas. Like the other two housing societies, Warsak road offers a number of installments programs that the clients can choose according to their convenience.

Hayatabad Peshawar

Hayatabad Peshawar is situated near Torkham in the city’s northern areas, which gives its residents a feel of living between the mountains. It has the perfect location with the appropriate mix of both the urban areas and the nature around. Hayatabad Peshawar is divided into seven phases, and each phase is equally well planned and developed. The housing society compromises parks, residential and commercial areas, and its own educational institute and medical center. It provides a high-quality lifestyle to its residents and is thus one of the most demanded housing societies in the area. Despite providing numerous luxurious facilities, plots in Hayatabad are extraordinarily affordable, and there are a number of installment programs that make payment more manageable. Invest in Nova City Peshawar. 


All the housing societies listed above are one of Peshawar’s highest listed residential schemes. Through their installment programs, numerous people can purchase houses that were otherwise out of their reach.


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