Innovative House Rewire Without Removing the Plaster and Estimated Rewire Cost


Rewiring a property is undeniably disruptive. Is House Rewire possible rewiring a house without removing the plaster? This question is quite common and a large number of people across the UK are anxious for the answer. Let us explore in the following paragraphs what master electricians got to say over the matter.

Experienced electricians associated with the Electric Works London and registered with the NICEIC say yes, it is possible rewiring a property without removing the plaster but… there is a ‘but’ in it. But when you do not bring down the plaster you will have certain compromises to make for the end result. And most homeowners do not agree to accept those compromises.

The reason is easily understandable why homeowners prefer rewire without removing the plaster. They have a strong ground for that. As such there is no point in taking a toll on the aesthetics of a house by tearing down the walls and then re-plaster those later. In a way, it is a mindless expense of time, money and effort. Though it is possible to rewire a property without tearing down the plaster on the walls but some temporary damages to the walls cannot be avoided at any cost. In the following section of the blog post, let us explore an option or two how to get an electrical rewire done without removing the plaster on the walls.

Electrical rewire of a house or property without removing drywalls

A trained and skilled electrician can manage rewiring a property without bringing the drywalls down. But for that few incisions have to be made into the wall. An experienced tradesman can make his cuts into the wall carefully but at the end of the task it becomes obvious that the wall has undergone a major operation. As a matter of fact when you say electricians tear down walls while rewiring a house – that is more of an exaggerated statement. What electricians actually do is they chase cable routes into the walls. They do have a fine intention for those chases. They intent burying the cables out of your site and in the process they have to tear down drywalls. This is how the aesthetics of a house goes for a toss during any rewire project.

The mess usually turns out less severe when the walls are somewhat like cavities made of drywall or plasterboard. For buildings with such walls the mess is there for sure but it is comparatively less severe. Electricians are undeniably skilled when it comes to fishing cables down cavity walls. But more often than not the horizontal woodwork that supports the wall triggers all the problems. While fishing a cable from a loft space or above the ceiling vertically down a cavity wall, it is the horizontal wooden support that usually gets in the way. In order to overcome this roadblock that electricians have to cut a channel in the wooden support to facilitate the cable to pass through. In other words this means a portion of the drywall has to be pulled down in the process.

Rewiring options without removing the plaster

As it has already been mentioned above, there exist few options rewiring a property without damaging the walls. These options at least bring much lesser damage to the walls compared to a tradition rewire technique. Each of these options has its own pros and cons. Therefore you must consider all the relevant facts and factors carefully before taking an informed decision on the exact method that is to be followed. Only then you should invest money on buying the necessary materials.

Surface mounted containment – if the truth is to be told, a conduit is acceptable in an industrial setting but as far as IMO houses are concerned, it is not at all appropriate. Containment hat is mounted on the surface comes in a range of style. One of the most popular ones among those is conduit or mini trunking. This particular variety of conduit is meant to be fixed on the all itself. Once it is fixed on the wall, then the cables have to be routed through it.

This makes a lesser mess as only a few holes are drilled on it so that it can hold on to the wall. But obviously it is never aesthetically appealing when plastic tubing runs all the way around your living room. As such the overwhelming majority of homeowners do not prefer this finished look that a surface mounted rewire provides. Thus you will rarely come across this in privately owned homes across the UK.

However this is commonly found in apartments. Why? That is because in apartments there are difficulties accessing the space above the ceiling. People prefer more discrete type of surface containment in this aspect. This discrete type somewhat looks like a skirting board. Thus the final finish looks like a hybrid between traditional and surface rewire. If the task is executed in the proper way, it looks much tidier when finished.

Application of existing conduit in the wall – routing the cables through the conduits is perhaps possible. The conduit is already in the wall dating back to the original wiring. But – as you must know – there is some uncertainty in this aspect. Usually in homes that are significantly older, you find containment systems buried deep in the walls. Even if you turn out to be lucky and it is there in your home, pulling new cables through it will not be an easy task at all. If and only if pulling new cables through an existing already conduit becomes successful, only then there is no damage to your plaster or drywalls during electrical rewire projects. Moreover the cables too are also hidden behind the eyes nicely.

House rewire cost UK 2022

The cost to house rewire varies from case to case, depending on many factors including the size of a property. A typical one-bed flat will be charged anywhere between £3,000 and £4,800. Moreover, the job will take about 4 to 7 days. The cost of a two-bed flat will be within the range of £3,800 and £5,800. You have to shell out anything between £4,450 and £8,000 to rewire a house with 3 bedrooms. Based on the layout of the property, the project will last at least 6 to 10 days.
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